Learning Shapes

Welcome to our worksheets for preschool. Teaching shapes to preschoolers is a basic knowledge that kids have to learn even before numbers and letters. Why? Shapes are ways to observe the world and to identify and organize visual information.

The power of shapes in children is incredible. Imagine giving children some round pancakes. They probably will not be very attractive for children, and perhaps they will not eat them. But what about if you combine different shapes of pancakes, even includes animal’s shapes. I am sure kids will see the difference and the pancakes will be much more attractive and delicious for them.

Knowledge of shapes will give children the basic understanding of distinguishing between what is equal and different, helping them to observe and compare what’s around the world.

Shapes will also help children to quickly learn the letters. Why? All letters have shapes; therefore children may relate shapes with letters.

Practicing kid’s skills are very important at this age. The earlier they learn, the better they will be prepared for the future.

We have several preschool printable worksheets with different shapes, such as round, square, flat, or rectangular. Children will learn by tracing them and comparing them with other objects.

All printables are for preschoolers but they are also perfect for kindergarten.

All our worksheets have a space to include the name of your kid. Children will start associating shapes with their name shape.

Download The Free Shapes Worksheets For Preschool

Free Worksheets For Preschool - Shapes

Worksheets For Preschool Shapes