Walking during pregnancy is a very simple exercise and accessible to nearly all women, so you should try it throughout your pregnancy.

Walking is something you should do anyway and is a very good practice, even during the last weeks of pregnancy. If you have not practiced any sport before, walking is the basic exercise you should experience during your pregnancy.

So expectant moms, listen up!

Why walking during pregnancy is important

Walking is an excellent pregnancy exercise that you can do virtually everywhere. However, you can choose an open area, like a forest, the beach, or a park. Avoid rugged terrain with rocks to prevent possible falls. For a maximum benefit, avoid crowded areas and places with a lot of pollution.

A walking routine is considered a natural exercise that can help you in many ways and has very basic benefits that are helpful for your pregnancy, for example:

  • Good for overall health
  • An activity that allows you to release tension and stress
  • It helps blood circulation
  • It helps stretch your legs

Walking During Pregnancy - Best Pregnancy ExercisesI suggest you start your walking routine at a moderate peace, about 3 times a week. Walk slowly for the first 6 minutes to warm up, then slightly accelerate your step, but do not overdo it. Keep a moderate pace without running.

Every 10 minutes of walking, stop and try stretching your muscles for relaxing. Walk at least half an hour.

If you can walk longer without feeling any discomfort, do it, but make sure your do not become overheated.

While walking you need to keep some simple conditions:

Keep your mouth closed, breathe out slowly and hold your back straight; then your diaphragm becomes especially active. The diaphragm is exceptionally important for providing correct development of your baby.

Final thoughts:

If you are not accustomed to physical exercise, pregnancy is not the time to start anything crazy. But walking is a routine that everyone should practice, including pregnant women. This very low impact exercise can help you to remain the most beautiful and charming woman after pregnancy.

Walking during pregnancy is a light exercise and doctors normally recommend it, even during the last week of pregnant. Nevertheless, ask your doctor if you’re safe to walk and when you should stop exercising.

You should look for safe exercise during pregnancy. Practicing a workout routine is normally considered beneficial for pregnant moms. However, you can check what exercises to avoid during pregnancy with your doctor.