Third trimester pregnancy holds the final development of your baby and prepares him or her to enter the world.

The objective of your baby in this trimester is to grow and grow, so your belly will also grow at the same rhythm to accommodate your baby. Your baby will begin to feel less room to move, but do not worry, he’ll be fine. Your baby’s eyes will open completely during this time.

During this last quarter you should not miss the chance to see your baby in the ultrasound, especially 3D (three dimensions). It’s amazing to see your baby as if he was out of your belly.

Something that I find amazing during this last trimester pregnancy, is how your baby begins to get position itself for birth with his head down and buttocks up. Some babies curiously change position in the last moment before birth.

Remember, your pregnancy week by week is about to end and you will receive the most beautiful gift you ever had. Before you know it, your pregnancy discomforts will all be forgotten as you hold your new baby in your arms.

Third Trimester Pregnancy – What’s Happening With Your Body

Third Trimester PregnancyThird trimester pregnancy will bring about new changes in your body as it makes the final preparations for the birth and early life of your baby.

Lets cover the common third trimester changes.

Frequent Urination

Since your baby is growing, frequent urination is caused by the expanded uterus that constantly puts pressure on your bladder.

This means that you will have to go to the bathroom more frequently.

It’s really inconvenient, especially when you are away from home. The bathroom will be your best friend during the last trimester of pregnancy. You have to make sure to stay well hydrated, and drink enough water daily.

Leaky Breasts

During third trimester pregnancy your breasts may leak colostrum, which is a yellowish fluid. This means that your breasts are beginning to produce milk for your baby. Isn’t that wonderful?

This milk contains enough protein to feed your baby during the first days after birth. It also contains minimal fat and sugar to make it easy for your baby to digest.


Swelling in your knees to some degree is normal during the last trimester of pregnancy. This is due to fluid retention because the weight of your uterus puts pressure on the pelvic veins and the vena cava, and blood can accumulate. Swelling may also happen in your hands and face.


You may feel leg cramps, especially in the morning. This is due to several reasons. It may be because at this pregnancy stage you have gained more weight and your muscle-skeletal system already has a lot of work.

It may be also due to lack of certain substances such as calcium and potassium, or an excess of phosphorus.

Other Third Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

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