Just thinking about exercising when you’re pregnant can be exhausting. You need a form of exercise that you can have fun doing. Swimming during pregnancy is a great low-impact exercise, and can be a lot of fun for water gals.

During the third trimester, the potential conflict between mother and baby for glucose and blood flow is greatest. So swimming in a prone position (face-down) is excellent to promote optimal blood flow to the uterus. Normally the core temperature of a woman does not rise quickly when swimming either, because heat loss by conduction is more efficient in water than air. Thus the baby gets an extra safeguard against overheating.

The pressure of the water encourages water loss, making swimming a particularly appealing option for pregnant women who tend to have edema.

During pregnancy there are changes in your cardiovascular and respiratory system. Cardiovascular system activity increases significantly in the late second and early third trimester.

Swimming during pregnancy will help to regulate your cardiovascular system to avoid cardiac complication. Swimming increases muscle tone and strength, specially the back, abdomen and legs, which is important during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Take care when swimming during pregnancy

Swimming During Pregnancy - Pregnancy ExercisesDiving and jumping into a pool are not recommended because of the risk of injury to you or your baby, particularly after the first trimester when the baby is no longer within the pelvis.

Try to swim in a pool where there are not many people to avoid collisions.

Make sure the pool is clean. Even if your baby is protected by the placenta, you may get an infection in your vagina.

If possible, consider swimming lessons with other pregnant moms. That can help you feel more relaxed and confident, as well as make the experience more fun!

Tips for swimming during pregnancy

During the First Trimester

If you have the energy, swim for at least 20 minutes every other day for the greatest benefit. Swimming first thing in the morning may relieve morning sickness and fatigue.

During the Second Trimester

You will not have to cut down on swimming as your body grows larger. You probably will need to adjust your schedule, but wearing a maternity swimsuit may be more comfortable as your belly expands.

During the Third Trimester

The water will support your joints and ligaments as you swim, preventing injury. You will not overheat when swimming. The breaststroke is particularly beneficial in the third trimester, because it lengthens the chest muscles and shortens the back muscles. These are two areas that typically become uneven as your body changes during pregnancy.

Use a snorkel to relive the pressure on your neck that is created when turning your head to breathe.

Final thoughts about swimming during pregnancy:

I love swimming, and practicing it during my pregnancy was a great satisfaction for me.

If you are not used to practicing a sport, your pregnancy is probably not the time to start. However, swimming is a low-impact exercise.

You do not have to swim from corner to corner to have the benefits of this exercise. There are swimming lessons for pregnant women that I loved. Remember, swimming is one of the most relaxing and comfortable exercises that a pregnant woman can practice.

You should look for a safe exercises to do during pregnancy. Practicing a workout routine is normally considered beneficial for pregnant moms. However, consult your doctor before starting any exercise during pregnancy.