Your second trimester pregnancy continues with more exciting experiences. At this point you can also get more relaxed and enjoy your new life as an expectant mom.

Your baby is fully formed now and its main objective is to mature. Its different systems, especially the nervous system, will be improved.

You will start seeing your pregnancy with more enthusiasm. You are about to see soon the face of your baby,  you may even learn its gender. I still remember the day when I saw my baby, fully formed, and my doctor gave me the surprise that he was a beautiful baby boy.

You should take advantage of this trimester of pregnancy to start planning the birth of your baby.

Second Trimester Pregnancy – What’s Happening With Your Body

Your second trimester pregnancy should be the most comfortable, as you often will outgrow the discomfort of first trimester symptoms and are before the discomforts of the third trimester symptoms.

Lets go over some of the common symptoms that occur during second trimester pregnancy.

Your Weight

Second Trimester PregnancyYour belly will begin to grow during this time, and your weight will increase considerably. Your posture can also change as your belly grows, causing a change in your center of gravity and your balance. You will tend to put your back backwards, and this can cause pain in the back muscles. Do not lift heavy objects.

The bright side is you should no longer have the typical discomforts of the first months.

Your body will continue changing, so do not forget to visit your doctor every month to ensure that your baby is in good health.

Shortness of Breath

During second trimester pregnancy the frequency of your breathing can increase, and you may feel shortness of breath.

What to do? Try to maintain a proper posture that will give your lungs a little more room to breathe. When you sleep, try to rest on your left side.

Thinking about some exercise, if you feel OK, continue with your routine, and if you like, yoga can be a good choice.

Restless Dream

As your baby starts to move more often, these movements may bother you. Because of this some moms will wake up frequently during the night. Try to relax, and sleep on the side that you feel more comfortable.