Welcome to our preschool handwriting practice. Children are the most valuable resource we have, therefore give children the right tools to conquer the world.

The language is considered to be the foundation for an effective communication, and the alphabet is one of the key elements for learning the language at an early age.

In fact, language in children begins even in the womb, how is that possible? Babies learn to hear sounds, so why not to sing to your baby the alphabet? Babies after birth are very susceptible to the sounds, and the alphabet can be taught by singing.

At the age of six months, you can teach your baby the alphabet playing, how? There are many games with the letters of the alphabet, your baby can play, touch, bite, and gradually identify the alphabet by its forms.

If you do not start teaching your baby the alphabet at an early age, do not worry, children between 2 and 4 years learn to distinguish the letters of the alphabet, and after identifying the letters, they can start to write them.

How to teach my child to write the letters of the alphabet

Preschool handwriting can be taught following three easy steps:

First step:

Give your child a crayon to paint, and expect to paint just scribbles. This is perfectly normal. Children have to learn to coordinate their movements.

Second step:

Coloring figures is a good exercise to teach your child to coordinate the movement of his/her hands. At first he / she will try to color the figure, but it will go even outside of it. Practicing will give your child such coordination.

Third step:

Start using our preschool printable worksheets, and teach your child to trace letters.

There are several preschool alphabet activities to teach your kid, and tracing letters is an excellent activity to develop your child´s control of their muscles of the hands/eyes coordination.

To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks. ~A.A. Milne

All of our preschool printable worksheets are provided to you free of charge, so use them to promote the education of your child.

Here you will find the entire alphabet. Teachers and parents love using our preschool printables to complement their educational programs.

Our worksheets have a figure that relates the letters. Name the object while your child is tracing the letter.

Print our free preschool worksheets and reinforce the motor skills and hand/eye coordination of your child.