Preschool diplomas are a cute way to mark your child’s completion of preschool.

Preschool and Kindergarten are one of the most important stages in the early education of children, but perhaps a child does not detect when goes from one grade to another. And it doesn’t matter they don’t distinguish the difference, what is important for children is to be congratulated all the time, and that’s where a certificate will make your child feel proud.

I am sure that you, like me, feel happy when your kids start going to school. And you may feel even happier if your kids receive greetings and a certificate for each completed year, right?

At what age does preschool start and ends?

Preschool normally starts at age 3 and ends at 4 or 5, then starts kindergarten and ends at age 6. In some cases kids have to stay till 7 years in kindergarten. But never is too late to start 1st grade.

In some countries like Mexico, these two stages are commonly known as kindergarten. There is no difference between them.

How to celebrate the end of preschool?

First of all, preschool diplomas have to be acquired. How?, here we give you some free designs so you can print them, fill them up and give them to children with a big hug.

Teachers, and in some countries, parents, help to organize a formal ceremony to involve their children in such beautiful celebration. You may dress up your kids with nice cloths, like if it were a celebration for a high school. At any age is a good excuse to celebrate and have a “formal” ceremony, isn´t it?

Typically the graduation is carried out in the auditorium or in the school gym. Parents and teachers are present to give their children the preschool diplomas. Each child is formed at a podium or stage to receive his certificate of accomplishment.

I am sure your skin will rise up watching your son and receiving a diploma.

And last but not least, after the ceremony at school, a nice party can be held either at school or at home with all other relatives.

Imagine this celebration, How your kid will feel? “A King inside a Palace”

Make possible this celebration to be a success, your kid will be so proud.

Here we give you several designs ready to print completely free

We remind you to use a heavy paper or white card stock for a perfect diploma.

Download A Free Preschool Diploma

Download your favorite template!

Preschool Diploma Template