Welcome to our preschool craft projects.

Knowledge is the mother of all strengths in a person, and if it starts in an early age, that will be a rocket to success in life. I’m sure that you, like me, want to give your children an environment full of educational input, right.

Knowledge is vital for early stimulation of children, especially the knowledge acquired by visual and auditory stimulation, and manual activities. That’s why the first years of your child’s life are critical to develop skills that will help in his/her future.

According to Piaget´s theory (famous for his studies on children, and for his theory of cognitive development and logical mathematical knowledge), he says that the logical-mathematical knowledge in childrens is acquired by experiences in manipulating objects. That’s why the arts and crafts at an early age are important to develop this knowledge.

Toddler Learning Activities - Preschool Craft ProjectsAlso, from the emotional point of view, the first 6 years of children´s life, they build the foundation of self-esteem; develop confidence, security, autonomy and initiative. So my dear parents, let´s put all the attention to our children and play with them with our preschool craft projects.

Here on our website you will find different types of preschool projects, from crafts to themed educational projects for schools.

Our crafts are useful for children because they help them to increase dexterity and motor function. Children learn to use their hands and fingers skillfully.

Our educational projects are mainly for a group of kids. Children can work together, and at the same time they socialize each other.

“Children learn by interacting with their environment and actively transforming their relationship with the adult world”

All our school crafts projects are completely FREE. Each one has a set of easy to understand instructions, you just have to print them, acquire the materials, and enjoy with your children making lots of crafts such as: spring crafts for kids, kids easter crafts, decorative items, gifts for birthdays, etc.

Make sure you also visit our FREE preschool printables so you can use them for your educational projects.