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Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy week by week is one of the most transformative and amazing experiences of your life. With all of these changes happening with your body, do you find yourself wondering what changes are normal, or find yourself wondering what you should expect in the coming weeks?

This article is all about walking expectant moms through pregnancy week by week to answer those questions.

Your pregnancy will be full of ups and, likely, downs, and surprises. I hope this overview can give you some useful information and help make your pregnancy a little easier.

Week By Week

Click on a week below to read the full details about what to expect from that week of pregnancy.

First Trimester

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Second Trimester

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Third Trimester

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First Trimester Pregnancy

Nausea During PregnancyCaring for your baby during this first trimester pregnancy is of vital importance as it is when your baby’s organs will be fully formed. Your baby is the most vulnerable now, which is why you must make your first prenatal appointment as soon as possible.

Mom, remember that all pregnancies are different. No two pregnancies develop at the same rate, or feel the same. So do not be alarmed if you do not feel or notice some changes on certain dates.

At this stage, the sperm has met the egg and they have merged together. The embryo has become a fetus, and your baby has begun to have all the features of a human being.

Your baby is forming in an extraordinary way; never again after birth do humans experience similar transformations. All your baby’s organs have started to operate.

Some organs, like the placenta, have been created which do not exist in any other circumstances other than in pregnancy. This vital organ connects to your circulatory system to supply oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby.

During this trimester it will be absolutely necessary that your baby is being monitored with sophisticated equipment such as ultrasound.

Moreover, this trimester is the ideal time to choose the doctor of your preference, and together with your partner start monitoring your pregnancy week by week. The sooner you visit your doctor, the better you can protect your beautiful baby.

Regular visits to the doctor during the first few months of your pregnancy will enable to see that your baby is developing normally. Your baby is very vulnerable the first trimester, so you should take precautions. See your doctor as soon as possible and continue with appointments regularly.

Second Trimester Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week By WeekYou will have new and exciting experiences during the second trimester pregnancy. Hopefully by this point you can begin to relax and enjoy your new life as an expectant mom.

Your baby is fully formed and its main objective is to mature. Its different systems, especially the nervous system, will be further formed. Because of this development your baby will be able to do more things physically. He or she can open and close his or her mouth, and even suck his or her thumb.

You are also able to find out your baby’s gender, and see your baby via ultrasound. I still remember the day when I saw my baby, fully formed, and my doctor gave me the surprise that he was a beautiful baby boy.

You should see this trimester as the most comfortable of the entire pregnancy. You should no longer have the typical discomforts of the first months, such as nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms of early pregnancy.

You should take advantage of this trimester of pregnancy to start planning the birth of your baby so that when the big day comes you have nothing to worry about.

Your body will continue changing and your baby will keep growing, so you’ll need to visit your doctor every month to ensure that you and your baby are in good health.

Third Trimester Pregnancy

Prenatal VitaminsAre you ready mom? You are almost at the end of the road, soon worrying about your pregnancy week by week is going to be a thing of the past.

The objective of your baby in this trimester is to grow and grow, so your belly will also grow at the same rhythm to accommodate your baby. Your baby will begin to feel less room to move, but do not worry, he’ll be fine. Your baby’s eyes will open completely during this stage as well.

During this last stage you should not miss the chance to see your baby in an ultrasound, especially 3D (three dimensions). It’s amazing to see your baby as if he was out of your belly.

You may feel nervous waiting for the moment of labor and delivery. This is completely natural. Try to keep calm and reduce your stress levels, and remember you’ll be in very good care with medical professionals.

Something that I find amazing during this trimester is how your baby begins to get position itself for birth. Babies rotate so that their heads are down and buttocks up. Some babies curiously change position in the last moment before birth.

Remember, your pregnancy week by week is about to end and you will receive the most beautiful gift you ever had. Before you know it, your pregnancy discomforts will all be forgotten as you hold your new baby in your arms.

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