Are you ready to meet your baby?

Do you know how your baby in your belly is?

Would you like to listen to your baby?

The use of ultrasound in pregnancy will give you a new way to get closer to your baby. You must have this experience.

How does an ultrasound work?

Pregnancy ultrasound equipment is a very sophisticated tool that transmits high frequency sound waves through a transducer. This transducer is a sensor that looks like a microphone and it is placed on your belly. It’s amazing how these sound waves are converted to moving pictures.

The ultrasound equipment consists of a console containing a computer and a screen, where you can see your baby, even the placenta and amniotic fluid.

Are there any risks in the use of a ultrasound?

No, the sound waves transmitted do not harm your baby at all. The pregnancy ultrasound is completely safe, and very accurate for any diagnosis of pregnancy.

When should I perform an ultrasound?

Pregnancy UltrasoundThe gestational sac can be seen from the fifth week of pregnancy, and heartbeats can be heard from the seventh week. If you want to live the experience of listening to your baby, wait until week 7.

Remember, it is convenient to perform the typical home pregnancy test first after your missed period, and if you get a positive pregnancy test, then go to your doctor to perform an ultrasound test.

After your first pregnancy ultrasound, you can perform it again as many times as you want. However, let your doctor decide when to perform the next ultrasounds. You can even perform an ultrasound a few minutes before labor.

There are ultrasounds in 2D, 3D and 4D dimensions. Normally your doctor will perform ultrasounds in 2D dimensions, which are very good for any diagnostic. My doctor recommended me an ultrasound in 4D dimension during the last month of pregnancy; I was so impressed to see my baby’s face so perfectly formed.

Why to perform an ultrasound during pregnancy?

Pregnancy ultrasound is now a must during your nine months of pregnancy; it is a gift of the technology, it is one of the best pregnancy tests. Apart of seeing the development of your baby in real time month to month, there are other important advantages:

  1. It is commonly used to confirm pregnancy.
  2. It can predict a threatened abortion by detecting a possible vaginal bleeding. An impending abortion usually shows signs of a deformed gestational sac and no heartbeat. Ultrasound is also useful in early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancies.
  3. It can determine the gestational time by the size of your baby. In all ultrasound tests, your doctor takes measures of the skull, spine and limbs. He can even predict the expected date of delivery with a week of error. Your doctor will tell you whether your baby is normally growing or if there is a growing problem.
  4. It can be observed the location and condition of the placenta. Thus the doctor can diagnose problems with placenta previa.
  5. If you are fortunate to have a multiple pregnancy, you can watch your babies.
  6. It can appreciate the amount of amniotic fluid. Your doctor can diagnose any medication in case of missing liquid. It is very important during the last weeks of pregnancy because the liquid tends to decrease with the size of your baby.
  7. It can be observed malformations, or congenital abnormalities. Obviously they are not a desirable situation, but it is better a timely diagnosis.
  8. It can diagnose uterine and pelvic abnormalities during pregnancy, as fibroids(myomas) and ovarian cysts.


I recommend that your doctor assess the frequency of performing ultrasound. If your doctor detects any abnormality in your pregnancy, I am sure he or she will perform an ultrasound.

If you want to know the sex of your baby, the ultrasound can be performed from week 18.

Remember, pregnancy ultrasound can detect abnormalities that can be corrected in early stages of your pregnancy, such as placenta previa, deformities, lack of amniotic fluid, abnormal growth, confirm molar orectopic pregnancies.

If you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, you should start caring for your pregnancy, for your own health, as for your baby. See also pregnancy diet and pregnancy exercises.

And last, but not least, the pregnancy ultrasound confirmation is something to celebrate!

My own experience about pregnancy ultrasound

My Experience With Pregnancy Ultrasound

The first picture of my son!

I am a very skeptical person, and after performing the home pregnancy test and blood test, I wanted to re-confirm my pregnancy visiting a gynecologist. When I arrived to the doctor’s office, oh surprise, there was an ultrasound and within a couple of minutes, I met my baby. I could not believe it, my pregnancy was 100% confirmed. I even listened to his heartbeat.

It was an unforgettable experience to see and to hear my baby, and to know that something so small and so beautiful was inside my belly.

When I performed my first ultrasound, the doctor put me a gel on my belly. This gel was really cold, but my doctor told me that it helps to slide the transducer without any problem and to transmit and receive the sound waves.

I visited my gynecologist every month and she showed me the development of my baby on the ultrasound. I watched how my baby was growing up.