Are you worried or anxious to know at this moment if you are pregnant? You can take this quick pregnancy test online to see if you should consider taking a home pregnancy test.

In the very early days after intercourse, lets say, after you had sex last night, it’s too early to tell whether you are pregnant or not. But it’s possibly not too late to prevent pregnancy, the morning after pill can still be effective for up to 72 hours after intercourse.

Since it is not easy to tell in the early days if you are indeed pregnant. A pregnancy test online may not give what you want in this situation.

An online pregnancy test is a questionnaire which consists basically of the following:

  • An analysis of what are your ovulation days, basically when you are most fertile.
  • It asks you whether you have regular or irregular periods. If you have irregular periods, this test will be very vague because you would have unpredictable factors of pregnancy.
  • It asks you if you feel early symptoms of pregnancy. It is very likely that in a very early stage of pregnancy you may not feel any signs, perhaps just a couple of them. However, this questionnaire will give you a list of the most common symptoms.
  • It asks if you use any type of birth control. Today most birth control methods are very accurate, 95% to 99%. If you do not use any contraception, the pregnancy test will focus on your most fertile days to give a probability of pregnancy.

Before taking your pregnancy test online

Before taking your test online, you must know what are those typical signs of pregnancy which can give a good sense of an early pregnancy:

Missed periodpregnancy test online:

Is the most common and obvious sign of pregnancy. However, a missed period may be due to other problems such as illness, stress, irregular menstruation or other reasons that you have to consult with your doctor.More…

Light Spotting:

Vaginal bleeding can be from little, to severe. Light spotting is common in most women when they are pregnant. This can happen when implantation occurs before your next period begins, typically occurs around 10 days after conception. Light bleeding tends to be pinkish or brownish. Severe bleeding is either your menstruation or a sign of attention with your doctor.

Breast tenderness:Pregnancy Test Online

Sensitive nipples in early pregnancy are one of the very first signs that are noticed during the first few months when a woman is pregnant. Some women feel sore nipples even before their period. So you can consider this sign as apregnancy test online. More…

Commonly known as morning sickness. You may feel nausea all the time, but normally you could feel it from the fourth week of conception. More…

Abdominal Cramping:
Pregnancy Test OnlineAbdominal pain is similar to menstrual cramps and you may be confused with the typical pain of your next period. More…

Now, what you were expecting, take your online pregnancy test here. This site will guide you through a questionnaire and give you a result. However, remember that this test only give you a chance of pregnancy. There is no online pregnancy test that can assure if you are pregnant indeed.

Final Thoughts:

Keep in mind that every woman is different but some are very sensitive and feel some symptoms at a very early stage of their pregnancy, even before they have their period, but a pregnancy test online is not going to tell if you are pregnant or not. You will have to take a home pregnancy test to know for sure.