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Pregnancy Stages – A Journey Through Each Week and Trimester

Have you felt guilty about eating an extra piece of that food, so delicious? Especially, with high in protein? Well, it’s time once in a while to give yourself a culinary taste. Begin to enjoy foods high in protein and essential oils because it will help your baby in the continuous development of their brain cells.

Do you think your sexual relations with your partner will be affected, and you may not enjoy sex? WRONG, you can enjoy sex even more than before because you are having hormonal changes due to your pregnancy, and obviously be sexier with your partner. These hormonal changes can help you get more and better orgasms, especially during the second quarter of your pregnancy. Your pelvis will be more sensitive due to the increased blood flow. Enjoy your pregnancy stages.

Are you concerned that during your pregnancy, you will be more sensitive and sentimental? Even you will be crying for anything. This is because of the increase in certain hormones (prolactin and exitocina), but on the other hand you should feel good since these hormones will provide you a maternal and protective spirit for your baby. In addition, you will feel more cheerful and friendly, which is wonderful because you will perceive love in a different way, and I’m sure this will please your partner.

Pregnancy StagesDo you think that pregnancy will make you see less beautiful for those extra kilos? Mmm, you are completely wrong. You will be a privileged woman, as your high estrogen levels due to pregnancy will make your hair, your fingernails, your eyes and your face look great.

Additionally, your breasts will grow, which is a plus in your body, and I am sure that your partner will enjoy it. Following a healthy diet, do not worry; because the good news is that your breasts will not hang after lactation.

So I believe you have heard a lot about the pregnancy trimesters, but what exactly happens during these stages of pregnancy development? Read on to find out!

Pregnancy Stages

A normal pregnancy lasts about 280 days (approximately 40 weeks), counting from the first day of last menstrual period. However, the normal limit varies from 259 to 294 days (37 to 42 weeks). The 40 weeks of pregnancy are divided into three quarters of 12 to 13 weeks (or three months) each:

First quarter: months 1 to 3
Second quarter: 4 to 6 months
Third quarter: months 7 to 9

Changes in your body will happen during your pregnancy. So, let me tell you what would be those changes you would be experiencing during the 9 months of your pregnancy.

If this is your first pregnancy, the pregnancy stages will surprise you.


  • After missing your period and ensuring that you are pregnant, your menstruation will stop.
  • Your breasts will begin to grow and be more sensitive because they will be preparing for breast feeding your baby, Look at some breastfeeding tips. Perhaps you will have some discomfort because you are not used to have your breasts bigger than usual, but do not worry. Breasts can increase to a size more in the first two months. Read more about: Breasts During Pregnancy.
  • You will have the need of going to urinate more often. Will this be a problem? Of course not, do not worry. This sensation to urinate is normal to start from the sixth week of pregnancy. This is because the increased blood flow causes your kidneys have to process more fluid which goes into the bladder. However, if you feel urgently going to urinate, feel some burning, and only a few drops go out, you should consult your doctor because you might have a urinary infection. Minor infections are also common during pregnancy stages, but it is better the doctor evaluates this particular situation.
  • You will feel more tired. Is it normal to feel tired? You have started a divine process of nature and the formation of a new baby. There is in your stomach a lot of work, an amazing process to build that beautiful baby. The weight gain due to all new components of your body, like the placenta, amniotic fluid, tissue uterine, and bigger breasts are definitely a reason to feel tired, and you will get used during your pregnancy.
  • The terrible nausea and vomiting. There are some women who don’t even feel this discomfort, or it is very rare. I can tell you that I was one of those privileged women. However, most women believe it’s the most disgusting of pregnancy. That’s true, it is quite annoying. These changes are the result of the hormones in the placenta, especially progesterone and chorionic gonadotrophin. These hormones cause the digestive process to be much slower and therefore more time food remains in the stomach. Read more about: vomiting and nausea during pregnancy stages.
  • You will feel anxiety and sometimes the desire to eat an appetizer, some strawberries, peaches, nuts, even a snack. With all due permission, you can eat it without feeling guilty. During pregnancy is very important give yourself the pleasure to eat some snacks, in moderation of course, otherwise you can sometimes feel more nausea and even some terrible pains in your stomach. As long as you eat in moderation, and following a healthy diet, you can have the pleasure to eat anything you want.
  • If you have not feeling before symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, you may be suffering of this discomfort during pregnancy. Why this happens? Heartburn occurs because the gastric acid from the stomach back up into the esophagus (tube between the mouth and stomach), and this produces the sensation of heartburn or burning that begins in the stomach and seems to go up. Read more about: Heartburn During Pregnancy.
  • Another change that you may feel during pregnancy stages is constipation. This is the result of pregnancy hormones that cause the intestines to slow down their work and throwing debris becomes slower. My doctor recommended walking, drinking lots of water and eat food high in fiber. She also gave me medicine. I suggest consulting your gynecologist for a prescription.

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This trimester is considered the most relaxed since changes in your body can be stabilized, but still exist.

  • Your pregnancy begins to be felt with the growth of the abdomen. It’s time to go shopping to buy new pregnant clothes. Towards the end of the quarter, the top of the uterus will be near the thoracic cage.
  • Your baby can start to move around the 20 week. You will start to feel some kicks at this stage of your pregnancy.
  • It may appear some spots on your face, commonly called mask of pregnancy. These spots are due to increased pigmentation of the skin due to pregnancy hormones. It is recommended that you use a barrier cream against the sun as these spots become darker with sun exposure. They will disappear approximately during the third month after delivery.
  • During the fourth month you may feel increased appetite, but do not forget to keep your healthy diet.
  • The nausea and fatigue can decrease or even disappear. Your body will be adapting to the new changes at this pregnancy stage. You should get used to the different pregnancy stages.
  • The frequent urination may decrease because the uterus is no longer in the pelvic cavity and pressing the bladder.
  • The skin of the abdomen and breasts are stretched, and may feel them tight and itchy. You might see some stretch marks.
  • There may be pain in either side of the abdomen, as they stretch the ligaments that support the uterus.This is normal, don’t worry.
  • You may see some varicose veins and hemorrhoids. This is because the pressure of growing uterus on the veins of the legs associated with the circulatory changes of pregnancy and weight gain. I recommend you apply some pregnancy cream to help you relax your legs.
  • There may be vaginal discharge or yellowish white (called leucorrhea). This is normal in this period and it may continue until the end of your pregnancy. If the flow is reddish or dark, you should consult your doctor immediately, there may be an infection.
  • Maybe you will see a dark line in the middle of your stomach, from the navel to pubic hair. This is very curios, isn’t it? But it is normal. Pregnancy stages are magic.
  • The areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipples, may darken. Your breast are preparing for breastfeeding. Look at some breastfeeding tips.
  • There could be swelling of the feet and ankles, and you may feel your uterus in the lower abdomen.

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During this trimester your body has to prepare for childbirth and your baby is growing up faster and being prepared to be born in good condition and health.

  • Pregnancy Baby KicksThe movements of your baby are stronger. In fact, you should pay close attention to any movement of your baby at all pregnancy stages, especially during this last trimester. It is important to feel your baby moving every day. You should be concerned when the baby does not move, consult your doctor immediately if there is no movements at all.
  • Your baby is taking more space in your body and therefore you will feel more discomfort.
  • You need to urinate more often because the baby is going down and puts extra pressure on the bladder.
  • Your breasts will leak colostrums (a pre-milk, yellow and watery) from your nipples. Your glands are almost ready for breastfeeding.
  • You may notice swelling in your feet, face and hands. This is because the Retensioning fluid.
  • You will feel leg cramps, especially in the morning. This is due to several reasons. It may be because at this pregnancy stage you have gain more weight and your muscle-skeletal system already has a lot of work. It may be also due to lack of certain substances such as calcium and potassium, or excess of phosphorus. My doctor suggested me to eat bananas for potassium and milk for calcium. I also recommend that your partner give you a massage on your calves before bed. Read more about: Cramping During Pregnancy.
  • At this pregnancy stage your navel will be highlighted. It will look very funny. With the black line on your abdomen and the navel highlighted, your belly will look like if it will come alive.
  • Constipation, heartburn and indigestion will continue. Hemorrhoids may be highlighted, and varicose veins in your legs will be more visible.
  • Due to the weight and volume of your body at this pregnancy stage, you will have back pain and your pelvis will be more pressure from the baby’s weight. Try some relaxation exercises or take a walk.
  • You can have contractions (hardening of the abdomen or abdominal pain). These may indicate false labor (Braxton Hicks Contractions) or real.

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