Parenting is not an easy task and raising children means parents need to make a lot of decisions in how to interact with kids. Keeping a good attitude and being patient with your growing children is a must. With this in mind, I wrote this article to share some positive parenting tips.

Let´s go back a little bit in time, and remember the day when you knew you were going to be a mother or father. What a lovely surprise don´t you? Then, you started feeling all those pregnancy symptoms, and lived nine months of anxiety and hope to see your baby. Finally, the day came to its reality, a beautiful little one was in your hands from that day forward, and your baby was the reason for your existence.

Then, you may have purchased some books to educate your baby, but in practice you have noticed that it is a little different. Some positive parenting tips work, others do not.

The truth is that parents never stop learning how to educate their children.

The feelings of a mother can sometimes be contrary to all the literature, and in moments of despair, all knowledge acquired from books is thrown away, and we do what our heart says, or even worst, we do everything from what our friends and family have told us. I am not saying that is not ok to listen advices, but the problem is that we may lose control and a pattern of abuse may come.

No parent is perfect, we make mistakes. The truth is that from mistakes we learn and with a little help from books or advices, the life with our kids comes to a perfect stage.

What to do when I get frustrated of knowing how to raise, care for, or control my kid?

Positive Parenting TipsWell, here you have some positive parenting tips. First of all, do not get desperate, take a break. If you live with your partner, take turns to control or care your child, or if you are a single parent, ask for help to someone in your family. Do not try to do all by yourself.

Sometimes is good to take a break, leaving your kid with some relative, just for a while. This does not mean you are a bad mother or father. That will allow you to take a breath and think things better. Remember, you are the steering of your kid, and you should not lose temper.

What to do when I lose my temper and I want to give my kid a spanking?

Discipline does not come by spanking your kid. If you hit your kid, he/she will start feeling fear to you, and that´s not a good way to discipline children.

Every child needs a place to play, and if your child does not have the space, it is possible that he / she wants to play in an environment that is not appropriate.

Here you have some positive parenting tips:

You can lose your temper if your child plays with the ball inside the house while you are doing the housework. Your child’s behavior is not at all bad, the problem is that is not the right place to do it, then you just have to redirect that behavior to an appropriate environment. Talk to your child and let him/her know that after finishing housework you will take him/her to the park to play with the ball. I’m sure he / she will be anxious waiting for you to finish.

A very common situation in toddlers and infants is when a child cries because he/she wants something that cannot have at that precise moment. For example, when you are on dinner, your child may want to play with their toys at the same time. If you let your child to do that, you may encourage a bad behavior. Your child will cry, and cry until he/she get it. This situation can be very stressful, and you may be about to give him a spanking. Relax, and let him/her cry for a moment, take your child in your arms and try to explain why cannot do that. You have to redirect that behavior to an appropriate environment, and again, your child have to know that after finishing food is playing time. You will not regret these positive parenting tips.
What to do when my kid needs attention when I am busy doing something else?

Always pay attention to your child when needs something or wants to show you something. Stop for a moment what you are doing and listen to your child. Remember, children learn every second, and putting attention represents a sense of respect, do not ignore him. Your kid could imitate your lack of attention.

On the other hand, sharing time together with your child is essential to the family relationship.

What to do when my kid does not obey rules?

Sit down with your child in order to explain what the rules of the house. For example: picking up toys before bedtime.

Let your child know what the consequences are if rules are not followed. Formalize some consequences such as: Not going out and play in the park.

Other positive parenting tips

There you have other positive parenting tips:

1. Give your child lots of physical attention; hugs are the key to felt loved.
2. Children tend to misbehave when they are bored, so always have a plan of activates. Preschool craft projects are perfect to keep your child busy. You may want to visit also our Toddler Learning Activities and Crafts Ideas.
3. Teach your child manners of respect, but first, you have to show respect. For example, speak politely, use words like: “please, or thank you”.