Do not leave preparing for your baby’s arrival to the last minute. A newborn checklist will help you to be prepared and more relaxed for the birth of your adorable baby.

But what are your newborn’s needs? Your baby will be born soon; you must prepare his or her nest. When you’re baby comes home with you, he/she will need clothes, to be fed, bathed, and transported pretty much everywhere you go.

And what about you Mom? Do you know what to take with you to the hospital for your own care when you go into labor?

To give yourself peace of mind and a little extra sanity, having a reminder in the form of newborn checklist is worth it.

There are three major aspects you should consider when making a newborn checklist:

  1. The Maternity Bag to carry with you to the hospital. If you have plans to have your baby at home, either way you need to be prepared for your baby’s first days. You may be interested in homebirth stories.
  2. Your Newborn Needs for the first days at home.Very important, Mom! I am sure someone in your family or a friend will take care of your baby shower. Many of your newborn needs will be given to you at this party.
  3. And finally, resolve all the Outstanding Tasks at Home and make some other additional preparations. You will need time to spend with your baby.

Maternity bag

The maternity bag will be your key to ensure you do not miss anything you need for the day of birth.

Sometimes the hospital might give you some things for your baby, but do not depend on them. It is better to be prepared yourself, so it is best to have your suitcase ready according to your newborn checklist.

When do you have to prepare your maternity bag?

It could, and sometimes should be prepared even during the seventh month of pregnancy. Preparing early is a good idea for women who have symptoms of premature labor, just in case. Preparing your maternity bag between two months and 20 days before the planned date of birth is a good rule of thumb for most women.

You should take into account the time that you will be in the hospital when packing your maternity bag. With a vaginal birth, most women spend between two to four days in the hospital, while women who undergo a caesarean section can be kept in the hospital for up to 7 days.

Sample Maternity Bag Newborn Checklist

Below is a sample newborn checklist broken down by category. Feel free to use this list as a jumping off point and add to or amend as needed for you!

For Mom

The documentation for admission to the hospital

The results of the last clinical analysis

Your personal care products such as soap, a comb, brush teeth and toothpaste, and all the creams you use

Two nightshirts with buttons in front and short sleeves so you can breastfeed your baby

Two bath towels and gloves

Two cotton underwear. If you prefer they may be disposable

Warm socks

A postpartum belt that can hold your abdomen gently and it can be regulated when the stomach loses its volume

Two nursing bras and protective pads

A complete dressing change to go back home

For Baby

Six little shirt or six “bodies” soft cloth (preferably one per day). You may also need a couple of shorts

Three sleep suits

Three pairs of socks for baby

Six bibs


Newborn diapers. If the hospital provides them, no problem, keep them for your house, you will need them

Warm cloths for leaving the maternity hospital, including a newborn hat

Do not forget the infant car seat to take your baby home

For Dad

A suitcase with clothes for all days that you’re with your partner

A camera

Change for drinks machines

Newborn Checklist for your baby’s first days at home

Below is a sample newborn checklist for preparing for your baby’s first days at home. Feel free to use it as a base for your preparations!


10 undershirts or (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve)

6 pairs of pants

newborn hats, as many as you want

2 pairs of scratch mittens, to keep baby from scratching his face

6 pairs of socks or booties

In case of winter, bunting bag or snowsuit for winter baby

Blankets, as many as you want. You may have some of them gifted in your baby shower

4 nightgowns (for use until the cord falls off)

Sleep sack

Feeding Supplies (some items only apply to women planning on breastfeeding)

3 four-ounce bottles with nipples

3 eight-ounce bottles with nipples

Burp cloths

Breast pump

Milk storage containers

Nursing pillow

Nursing bras

Breast pads

Lotion or cream for sore nipples

Formula. Ask you pediatrician for a recommended one

Thermal bottle carrier


One box of newborn diapers. You may need the next size if your baby grows quickly

Baby barrier cream to prevent rash

A changing pad. It is very useful when you are out of home

Bathing Supplies

A plastic infant tub

Many washcloths

Baby shampoo

Baby soap or cleanser

Baby soft-bristled hair brush

Soft-hooded towels

Other useful things that you will definitely use

A stroller. There are many types. Get one that fits your needs

Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous

Nail clippers or scissors. I used to bite off baby’s nails as needed. I was scare of using scissors

Baby thermometer

Diaper bag

Plastic bag hangers. I used them for diapers

Sun shade for car windows. I am sure you would not want the sun to hit directly in the face of your baby, right?

Some baby toys are handy

A night light is very useful, especially the first month when you need to feed your baby at night

So is a comfortable nursery chair, where you can rest comfortably to make middle of the night feeding sessions easier

When the baby learns to move around, a baby gate is very useful for safely keeping him or her in one place while you take care of the household tasks you need to get sorted

Other Preparations

Here are some things that helped me a lot in order to spend more time with my baby that may be helpful to include in your newborn checklist:

  • Contact your pediatrician. Have in hand the name, address and phone number in case of any emergency. Your baby is coming and you must feel confident that there is an expert who can care for your baby immediately.
  • Sign up for cord-blood-bank service.
  • If you have children:
    • Prepare them for your absence. Explain them very well the reason for your absence and the arrival of the new baby.
    • Arrange for a babysitter, preferably a relative in order for your children to feel less anxious.
  • Your partner also has an important role in the newborn checklist:
    • Your partner can help by going grocery shopping and preparing meals, which will help you to relax and recover.
    • Your partner can also take care of household tasks like paying bills. You should not get stressed, you should put all of your attention on your baby.
  • You should have on hand the telephone numbers of doctor, hospital or clinic and the closest relatives. Try to have everything on hand.

Final Thoughts

A newborn checklist is very useful for those moments when the only important thing is the health of your baby and you do not have to worry about anything else other than caring for your baby.

If you are having your baby in the hospital, put the maternity bag close the exit door or even inside the car.