Hello, welcome to our masquerade masks for kids page. Here we will provide you with easy kids crafts that you can use to make a nice mask for your children.

My dear parents, as you know children love to have an original costume for a party or simply to play at home. I propose to give your kids happiness and take our mask templates and make with your kids a fun Backyardigna mask.

Children love to dress up of any character, and not only they have fun playing and making up stories, but also they develop their personality.

When kids dress up as something or someone, they become their favorite character, and they enhance their imagination.

But, do you know what is the most important about making masquerade masks?

This is a very good way to have fun and to promote the relationship with your kids.

With our templates, you can do a nice backyardigan mask, and with a few simple and economic materials, you can get also a custom.

Our Backyardigan Pablo, is a funny penguin, so if you dress up your kid with a blue or black pajama, that´s all you have for a complete costume.

Our set of how to make instructions comes along with a printable mask that you can use to make your life easier. Just print it, use the materials we suggest, and your child will have a mask in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Our children masks template can also be used for coloring, so you can use them with toddlers and make a nice mask.

Download The Free Pablo Mask