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How To Get Pregnant? Before You Start Trying, Learn These Tips

Congratulations, you have decided to know how to get pregnant! I hope it is going to be, with little doubt, the best experience of your life.

How to get pregnant should be a pre-meditated process, where you and your partner decide when you want to conceive a baby. Sometimes the case can be that teenagers, without even knowledge of how to plan a family, just with a night of sex results in an immediate conception even without realizing it.

Furthermore, we know that there are women who have tried hard to get pregnant, and have not been able to conceive for months, or even years.

In either case, it is highly recommended to perform at least a little of research on how to get pregnant so you are prepared to either plan for your family now or in the future.

Perhaps you have already received advice from other women, even from your own family. In the best of the cases, you may have had an appropriate orientation and good experience, with favorable recommendations, but many other advice causes more confusion instead of giving you a sane orientation. Let’s try and create some clarity for you.

The Conception…

How To Get Pregnant - Egg and Sperm ConceptionMy partner and I were fortunate enough to conceive our baby in the blink of an eye, a year after we got married. We just decided a day, and the next month we got the surprise of pregnancy.

However, after we got married, I did a lot of research about how to get pregnant fast, and what were the signs of ovulation to properly plan the timing of the conception of my baby. I found some resources that helped me better understand my ovulation schedule, and to know when to have sex naturally, with no barriers. Some of these resources included an ovulation calculator, calendar and fertility chart.

Take a look at our fertility diet as well.

There are some theories and myths about tips on getting pregnant that I want to share with you:

How to get pregnant fast:

  • Body weight (lower than normal or overweight) can cause an effect in reducing ovulation.
  • Alcohol and Drugs must be stopped. They can reduce fertility up to 50%. It is better to say NO during pregnancy, and also when trying to conceive. Caffeine, like coffee, tea, chocolate, should be reduced to a minimum, because they reduce the chances of trying to conceive as well.
  • No smoking, not at all. Sperm density is reduced because of smoking and fertility is reduced in women.
  • Exercising is excellent if you practice in a regular basis, but do not exercise too heavily because ovulation can be affected.
  • Have a healthy diet for good fertility.
  • Learn about your ovulation calendar to know exactly the right time to try to conceive.

Read more about tips on getting pregnant.

Daily sex improves the quality of the sperm

How To Get Pregnant Doing ExerciseThere are theories that daily sex reduces the volume of semen. However, for most men this is not a problem, they have frequent sex and conceive anyway.

In addition, there have been studies saying that the quality of the sperm may increase with frequent ejaculations, as they reduce the space in time in which the sperms are exposed to harmful molecules in ducts of the testicles.

The truth is, when you make the decision on how to get pregnant, start having sex a little bit more as your normal rate, and if you want and you can, do it daily. Be pleasant with your partner.

What are the causes of infertility

Infertility is a condition of the reproductive system that affects the body’s ability to perform the basic functions of reproduction.

Causes Of InfertilityTo avoid not suffering from infertility, it requires the proper function of many factors, among which include:

  • Healthy sperm and healthy eggs.
  • The fallopian tubes must not be blocked, preventing the arrival of sperm to the egg.
  • The ability of sperm to fertilize an egg.
  • The ability of the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.
  • Proper quality of the embryo.

Read about infertility treatment.

Finally, if you’ve made the decision to learn about how to get pregnant and become a new mom, you should see your doctor and start with some lab tests to make sure you are not having any health problems that may prevent you from being able to conceive. Also you need to have a look to your eating habits and start taking some prenatal vitamins.

If any other factors may be affecting your ability to conceive, such as alcohol and cigarettes, stop them quickly.

You must start to know your body and your menstrual cycle, so you can realize when you are having signs of ovulation.

If you suspect you are pregnant, look at these different pregnancy tests available for you. After you are completely sure of your pregnancy and it is confirmed by your doctor, try our due date calculator in order to have a good idea on when will be the anxiously awaited day of birth.

Remember, you must begin on the right foot and learn first how to get pregnant in a natural way.

The last but not least step is to make the announcement to everybody. It is a great pleasure to communicate this wonderful gift of YOUR BABY with the rest of your family and friends. See how these announcements can be done.

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