Welcome to our Homemade Baby Shower Invitations. Creativity is the essence to create the most original and unique invitations.

Do you need an inspiration for your upcoming baby shower and want to give the new mom-to be a special baby shower with original invitations? Or May be you are short of budget for all things required for your baby shower, decorations, favors, menu?

Whatever the reason, homemade invitations are perfect to surprise your guests and especially to the new mom.

If you are hosting a bay shower, I guarantee that homemade baby shower invitations are perfect and your guests and the new mom will appreciate that.

Buying ready-made invitations is so easy, and they are very nice indeed but, oh surprise! none of those invitations have a special touch of creativity and love. Don´t you think the new baby deserves that special touch? OF COURSE, all for the new baby, right?

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

A handmade invitation for a baby shower does not have to be difficult, nor expensive. The invitations that I offer here can be even made ​​by people without experience in hand-crafts and short budget. Just add a little of creativity and visit your local craft store to find the material you need.

So, are you ready to choose any of our cheap baby shower invitations? All our homemade baby shower invitations have detailed instructions and templates, so you can prepare them exactly the same as they look in the pictures.

Some of the designs are provided by our readers but most of them are created by ourselves and is a hard work.

If you want to help us make these invitations even better by sharing with us other creative baby shower invitation ideas, commenting on our designs, and sharing this site with your friends give us your suggestions.
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NEW! For our latin moms, we have also our spanish baby shower printables.

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Please feel free to use our template for homemade baby shower invitations here.