If pregnancy is a natural process, giving birth naturally is too.

The body of a woman is a very complex natural system. For example, the symptoms of pregnancy are the result of a natural process when you become pregnant. The development of your baby is also a normal process during the 9 months of gestation. So it is very obvious to think that the birth of your baby should be a natural process, right?

Let the Nature Take its Course!

However on the other hand we must consider that every woman’s body is different and we all have different lifestyles. Some of us do exercise, others not; some maintain a balanced diet, others not; and some women do not have good habits, they smoke, drink alcohol, get stressed all the time, or simply are exposed to an environment which is not good for their health. With all these factors our body can react differently and could be more likely to have complications during pregnancy; and of course, in some cases medical intervention is needed.

So in my opinion; giving birth naturally should always be accompanied with a medical confirmation that you have a low risk pregnancy. You have to contribute to your pregnancy with a healthy lifestyle with good habits, proper diet, exercise, and if possible, a relaxed lifestyle. It seems too much to ask, right? But it is possible.

According to the World Health Organization, 90 to 95 percent of the entire world’s births are normal.

What Are the Advantages of a Natural Childbirth?

The advantages are huge:

  • Natural Childbirth is a completely different experience than a C-Section. If you are a woman who likes challenges, a vaginal birth will be a beautiful experience for you. You will feel much more control of your body and the health of your baby. You can choose to have pain relief, and you can decide where to have your baby, at home, a water birth or at the hospital.
  • Natural Childbirth recovery is faster than a C-Section Recovery.
  • Giving birth naturally, specially with no medication, is much better for you and your baby because there are no side effects of medication. Due to medication for pain relief, you will feel somehow drugged, sleepy and therefore you may not appreciate at a full extent, the arrival of your baby. Some women may experience negative effects from the epidural block, such as incomplete relief, chronic back problems, spinal headache, allergic reaction, or itching.

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Natural Childbirth?

The main disadvantage of a vaginal delivery without drugs is the pain. Some women who don’t deal well with pain can decide by an epidural block, but think a little bit and back up for a moment, your baby is worth the pain, isn’t it? Think about it, plan your birth with your partner and both decide what is better for you, your baby and your family. Take the opportunity to have that wonderful experience.

A good advice to deal with pain is to practice Yoga. This exercise has the following basic principles:

”Yoga is a very effective way to discover and learn to release your natural instincts to get pregnant and to deal with your pregnancy as relaxed as possible.”

“You instinctively will be prepared to use your own potential to give birth.”

“Yoga will help you to have confidence in the strength of your body and to overcome the natural process of childbirth.”

Remember, no matter what you decide, the best choice is the childbirth method both you and partner feel most comfortable with!

Final thoughts about giving birth naturally

If you and your partner decide to have a vaginal delivery, ask your doctor to make sure it is the right decision.

Do a lot of research about the type of pregnancy and birth you want.

You have to be trained for the birth, so you know what to expect, read about the different stages of labor and natural ways to induce labor.

You do not have to use drugs, and you do not have to suffer either. You have to enjoy your natural pregnancy and your baby’s birth!