Welcome to our collection free preschool worksheets for learning colors. Children learn through their imagination and perseverance, and they learn very fast because they have fun.

Children at an early age start to identify objects according to their predominant color, but it takes them a while to memorize them. Colors can easily be confused because of the different nuances, for example: sometimes children say that an apple is red, and later they may get confused saying that it is orange.

The cognitive ability of each child is different. Some children learn to distinguish colors at 2 years, and some even take up to 4 years. But do not worry; it does not have anything to do with the level of intelligence or development of children.

It is important to teach children the colors one by one, beginning with the primary colors: blue, red and yellow. Subsequently children can learn light and dark tones, and finally the secondary colors: green, orange, and violet.

A good way to teach children colors in everyday life is by naming the objects and its colors.

For example, when you are dressing your child, you can use questions like:

Do you want to use this blue or red pants? or

Can you give me the blue ribbon?

A simple game that you can also use with your child to learn colors is to put in a box all his toys, and ask him/her to pull out each toy with the color “green, yellow, blue, etc”. For example:

Give me the yellow car, give me the black panther, the orange lion, etc.

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Here you will find a variety of printable preschool worksheets. Teachers and parents love using our preschool printables to complement their educational programs.

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