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    Homebirth is such a wonderful & special event in the lives of a family!! I cannot imagine bringing a new life into this world any other way!

    So after having two homebirths, when we found out we were pregnant with our 7th baby we were excited and thrilled to go through the amazing experience once again!

    My husband took a new job in a different town when I was about 6 months along. So we put our house up for sale; the kids and I stayed to get the house ready while my husband rented a small cottage in the new town. Amazingly, moving and selling the house (though stressfull) went quite smoothly.

    Four days before we had to vacate the house for the new owners to take over I went into labor! My husband was travelling to get to the birth. My labor started at about 2:30am on Monday April 12th. I took a shower to see if they’d cease but they did not. Nor did they get closer or stronger. My midwife came over at about 4:30am to see if anything was progressing. She left and I tried to rest. For the rest of the morning I relaxed & tried to stay busy. At about 2:30pm my contractions were quite closer & stronger. My midwife came by. I called my very good friend, Renee’, who also came by to lend a hand, along with my friend Dez (who brought over pizza for my starving kids!) My husband was still 5 hours from getting home!

    My oldest son (21 yrs) was put in charge of getting the birthing pool set up. He had taken the day off work to be there! If it hadn’t have been for him, I’m not sure if the pool would’ve gotten set up!

    I remember people walking around doing this or that; but I was so focused on the contractions and pacing back and forth …. that I really don’t know what they were doing! I also remember talking to my husband once in a while…but cannot remember what was actually said! I also remember not having enough towels! We were moving and I had no furniture but my bed! Someone went to the neighbor to borrow some towels!

    At about 5 pm-ish I got into the warm pool of water. It was as if all the stress & worry melted way. The contractions were still there, still painful but the anxiety faded away! I remember chanting “I am strong…I was created to do this….I am strong” over and over. And focusing on my midwife’s eyes (they are a striking green with flakes of gold!…funny what you remember!). It was if ALL my scences were alive and awake!

    When it was time to push there was just a bit of resistance that I had never encountered before. It took a bit more to push this baby out. When I pushed this baby came out still in her sac! My midwife says this is good luck!! And baby was born with her arm tucked behind her! *The reason for the resistance! Storey Renee’ Brier was born at 6:36pm. Beating my husband home by 1 1/2 hours!

    After each baby is born at home there is a feeling of absolute joy, completeness, and I dare say ~ power! There is no one word that can describe the rush of emotions. And then to introduce her to the rest of the kids! … my greatest moment of pride! When each sibling meets her for the first time. I hide in my heart the comments that are spoken…the light in their eyes as the see their new sister! “aw mom, she’s so beautiful” At this moment I know our Heavenly Father is so gracious!

    I chose to stay in the birthing pool for a while. My placenta was delivered; but baby and I just nursed and cuddled. When it was time…my midwife weighed Storey to find she was a good 9 pounds (average baby for me). By this time my husband had arrived and was introduced to his 4th daughter! How I wished he would’ve been there….but without that little glitch…this 7th birth was … p e r f e c t ! My midwife calls it a “butter birth”!

    Storey Renee’ Brier is now 8 months old. She’s got creamy chocolate brown eyes (the only one of my seven kids! the rest have blue or green eyes!) and a smile that will melt hearts. She hasn’t been my best nurser; but you could never tell from looking at her! We just introduced bananas and sweet potatoes to her this week as we choose to delay solid food.

    Will we choose to homebirth again if we are blessed again? Oh! You betchya! In my humble opinion, there is no other way for me to have a baby…no other option!



    That’s a wonderful story. Unfortunately your husband wasn’t there but I believe he was in your other baby births.

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