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    Hi I’m 24 years old. I’ve been trying to get pregnant 🙂

    Actually I tried only last month and this month I’m waiting for the result…

    My period’s date is on the 22nd. My questions is I’m craving for foods and I’m hoggin a lot and I’ve sore tits… Are these symptoms of pregnancy??

    At the same time I’m getting pimples like when I get a week before my periods. I can’t wait to know whether I’m pregnant or not though I’ve to wait only for five days. Please reply asap! Can’t wait.


    Rosaura Hinojosa

    Hello my friend. It is sometimes that hard to tell the difference between early pregnancy symptoms and the indications that you may be menstruating soon. There are many women that feel breast tenderness like you even before they are expecting their period but not all of them are truly pregnant. Sometimes levels of progesterone just before the period give signs of sore nipples. However I don’t want to discard the alternative that you may be pregnant. Sore tits are definitely a symptom of pregnancy. Do not get desperate, you have to be relaxed and let your body to do its work. Take a pregnancy test just a day after you missed your period

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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