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    Occasionally pregnancy complications will come up before or during labor. But don’t get alarmed, most of these problems are easily solved, while others might make this time somewhat horrid, but there will still be a healthy baby eventually. All women have to know about basic pregnancy complications and how they are dealt with.

    Here there are some pregnancy complications that you should be watchful about:


    Preeclampsia is an odd condition due to which the mother develops high BP, water retention, and protein in the urine. As it reduces the flow of blood to the placenta, it can be dangerous for your unborn baby. If you have reason to think that you may have pre-eclampsia, contact your doctor right away.

    Gestational Diabetes

    Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes suffered by pregnant women. This is a situation that must be watched as it can make the baby grow too large, perhaps forcing a Caesarean section, or it can increase the risk of jaundice for the baby.


    An anemia sufferer typically feels general weakness and fatigue. In severe iron deficiency, even simple exertion can cause breathlessness. A general swelling can come about in the body and sometimes heart failure can happen too. Also, you might lose far more blood during birth and your resistance to infection may get reduced.

    Pregnancy Bleeding

    Any bleeding that happens in second and third trimesters involves concerns different from bleeding in first three months. Any bleeding in second or third trimesters is dodgy. Pregnancy bleeding after the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy is a real crisis.

    Premature Birth

    Premature babies born at less than thirty-four weeks, still have a lot of growing to do. A baby born at thirty-five weeks is not likely to suffer any big troubles, even though he may perhaps have some difficulties in breathing and need more baby care. Even babies born at twenty-eight weeks have a reasonable chance of survival. But the ones born younger than twenty-eight weeks may not stay alive in most of our healthcare and baby care settings. If your waters break, or you start having contractions before thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately.

    While it is essential to be aware of various pregnancy complications, it is also important to be relaxed. The most essential thing to do is to ensure that you are as fit as possible. Never miss check-ups, as they are a crucial part of monitoring a healthy pregnancy and your foundation for birth and baby care.

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