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    What I did was after I got the test and it was positive I waited till thanksgiving to announce to my family. I could not be all the way happy cause I was in the middle of getting a divorce, and I didn’t want my father to know about it.

    But the day I told my family was that on Thanksgiving. Every one had an opportunity to say what they was thankful for and I said “THIS THANKSGIVING IM THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY, FOR FINALLY GETTING OUT OF A MARRIAGE THAT WAS HURTING ME AND WOULD NOT LET ME SEE MY FAMILY, AND MOST OF ALL IM THANKFUL FOR THE BABY THAT’S IN MY BELLY RIGHT NOW AMEN” and my family was so happy that we all cried.

    That’s how I told my family, and surprised them.



    It’s beautiful what you say. You choose the right time and place to give the news. Believe me when I finished reading your comment I was crying too. Congratulations about the decision on your divorce. Your baby is worth more than any bad man. Your baby will give you the strength to keep living.

    Good luck friend.

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