There is a lot going on for moms and babies during first trimester pregnancy, and it can no doubt feel overwhelming. Lets go over some of the basics of what’s going on with mothers’ bodies and babies’ development in this early stage.

The care of your baby during first trimester pregnancy is of vital importance as it is when your baby’s organs will be fully formed.

Your baby is very vulnerable at this point, that’s why you must have your first prenatal appointment as soon as possible.

Mom, remember that all pregnancies are different, there are no two pregnancies that develop at the same rate, or feel the same. So do not be alarmed if you do not feel or notice some changes on certain dates.

At this stage, the sperm has met the egg and merged together. The embryo has become a fetus, and your baby has begun to have all the features of a human being. More amazing things will happen in your pregnancy week by week.

Your baby is forming in an extraordinary way, never again after birth do humans experience similar transformations. All your baby’s organs start to operate during first trimester pregnancy.

Some organs, like the placenta, have been created which are not in any other circumstances other than in pregnancy. This organ connects to your circulatory system to supply oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby.

During this first trimester pregnancy, it will be absolutely necessary that your baby is being monitored with sophisticated equipment such asultrasound. This equipment is very important because it can confirm that your baby is healthy, or discover any health problems.

This period is the ideal time to choose the doctor of your preference, and together with your partner you will start monitoring your pregnancy week by week.

The sooner you visit your doctor, the better you can protect your beautiful baby. You have to ensure that during this first trimester your baby will be formed properly.

First Trimester Pregnancy – What’s Happening With Your Body

First Trimester Pregnancy - Fatigue

Make sure to get your rest during this early stage of pregnancy!

Early pregnancy symptoms are highly noticeable for many expectant moms. Lets go into typical symptoms and what your body is doing.

Morning Sickness

Experts says that about 70% of moms suffer from nausea and vomiting, and it does not necessarily occur only in the morning. Experts say also that causes are unknown, but if there is something to blame, the hormonal changes have some guilt. If there’s any consolation, these symptoms tend to disappear in the second trimester.

How can you relieve morning sickness? I am more a natural mom, so my recommendation is something natural, for example:

  • Try some crackers, cereal, or toast
  • Eat small meals more often
  • Drink liquids between meals

Of course, consult your doctor for remedies to help relieve your morning sickness for more options.


Fatigue during the first trimester pregnancy is something that you have to deal with. Your body is going through a lot of changes, and apart from that your baby is forming.

You also go through many emotional changes that can cause you stress. So these changes tend to drain both physical and emotional energy. There is a good reason to be tired, so try to get sufficient rest.

Frequent Urination

This is one of the most annoying symptoms of early pregnancy. As your baby develops your uterus grows, which puts more pressure than usual on your bladder.

This pressure causes you to need to urinate more frequently.

Breast Tenderness

During the beginning of your pregnancy your breasts become ultra sensitive and tender. This increased soreness in sensitivity is a bi-product of your body preparing for producing milk to feed your baby.