There are many women who take already the contraception pill, particularly married women, but also many young people who do not.

For some women, the pill is not a practical birth control type because they do not want their family to know that they are having sex. If you are in the same situation, do not worry, there are other types of birth control you can use.

But, if you want to plan your family, married or not, this method is highly accurate. However it requires a commitment on your part because you have to take the pill everyday, without missing one.

What is the contraception pill?

The oral pill is the most popular type of birth control and contains estrogen and progesterone. It usually comes in packs with 21 pills. There are different brands, and you should ask your doctor to recommend you one.

How effective is it?

The pill has effectiveness of about 99% if it is taken properly. This number may decrease substantially if taken incorrectly.

What does it mean to take it incorrectly? It means that you must follow a strict schedule for taking it. You should not take the pill from a friend or someone else because at one time you may lose track and get off schedule.

It is considered that about 5 in every 100 women can get pregnant with this type of birth control. Why do they get pregnant? They do not follow a strict schedule or miss a pill, and consequently decreases the percentage of effectiveness. If you forget one or more pills per cycle, YES you can get pregnant.

The contraception pill is not effective against sexually transmitted infections.

How does it work?

The hormones in the pill (estrogen and progesterone) prevent ovulation. If a woman does not ovulate, she can not get pregnant because there is no egg to fertilize.

How can I use it?

contraception_pill_following_scheduleThe pill must be taken daily, beginning the first day of menstruation, preferably at the same time for 21 days. You must take the next pack of pills at the end of the 21 pills plus 7 days of rest. In the days of rest, your menstruation will occur.

I recommend you to take the pill everyday at the same time, regardless if you are having sex or not. You can usually do it at any time of day, but it is better if you have an habit to take it at one specific time so you always remember and can tell if you haven’t. For example: after brushing your teeth, after eating, etc.

The important thing is to have the habit in order to avoid forgetting to take it. Remember, if you forget to take a pill, its efficacy will decrease.

What can I do if I miss to take a pill?

If you have missed taking a contraception pill at the usual time, you can take the pill within the first 12 hours. If it is after 12 hours, skip that pill and wait to take the next pill at the same time as usual. Medical experts say that forgetting a pill within the first 12 hours, there is no problem and you can have sex as usual, even without another alternative contraceptive method. But if you forget to take the pill after 12 hours, you should start using another method of birth control during the rest of the cycle, for example condoms, and continue taking the remaining pills regularly.

Does it have any side effects?

In some women it can cause some headache, dizziness, nausea and breast pain, which can occur in the first three months of use. After this period, the effects are reduced and may even disappear.

In fact, the pill reduces the problem of irregular periods and may reduce as well the unpleasant menstruation pains. You may also reduce any acne problems, although seriously consider the side effects before using it just for that purpose.

contraception_pill_more_methodsIn the old times it was said that the pill could cause cancer. This is a myth and the reality is that it may even help with some cancers that affect the uterus.

Of course, before deciding on any type of birth control always consult your doctor. He or she will recommend the most appropriate method for your condition and your health, and you can run your preferences by them.