Naming your baby is a fun experience, and an important one as your baby’s name will become part of his or her identity. The following tips for choosing baby names are here to help you with your decision.

This task is very important during your pregnancy. It can also be a daunting task, since you will have a huge list of names as possibilities.

The more information you have about baby girl names, and baby boy names, the better your selection to give your baby a unique name that will identify him/her for the rest of his/her life.

Tips to choosing baby names

  • Meaning of baby names:
    It is important to know what’s behind the name. Sometime the meaning of the name can be derived from characters from the past that have made history, or relatives, in that way the name of your baby will have an analogy with that character. On the other hand you might want to choose your baby’s name based on the name’s literal translation. For example, the name Kevin means handsome in Celtic.
  • Uniqueness:
    Consider a name that is not entirely common. Wherever you go, school, work, even within the family, you may always find common names like John orPeter. It does not mean they are not nice names, just they are not very unique. However, you have to avoid names that are so complicated that nobody can spell or write them. This will be frustrating for your child.
  • Nickname:
    You should consider the nickname associated to your baby’s name. It is possible that you like the name and it has a nice meaning, but the the nickname is not good to you? It is quite possible that everyone will call your child by the nickname, and all efforts on finding the nice name can be thrown away. You may want to reconsider your decision and look at again if this is the case.
  • Sound of the name:
    The sound of your baby’s name is important, especially when it is pronounced in combination with the middle name or surname. In practical terms the combination of the name and last name should sound fluent and you should listen with certain softness and sweetness. You may want to avoid names that end with the same letter as your surname begins, for example: the following names tend to merge together: “Alexis Smith” or “Erik Kramer”.
  • Father’s name:
    In some countries it is common to name the first born son with the name of his father. The reason behind this is that parents want to preserve the name in the family tree. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, sometimes parents feel proud that the first son has the father’s name.
  • Initials of name, middle name and surname:
    Once you have at least a couple of names that you like, check the initials, you may be surprised because of the meaning of the initials, for example: RIP, SOS, SAD, NIL. So be careful when deciding your baby’s name.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing Baby NamesThe name is a gift that you will give to your baby; it is worth to spend some time on choosing baby names that are meaningful and that you really love.

Look at different web sites for a list of baby names, do your research, and do it together with your partner. Once you have decided on a specific name, pronounce it all day. You have to be convinced that the name is the one you like and the one that will fit to your baby.

A perfect time to start looking for a list of baby names is when you announce your pregnancy.