Are there other childbirth positions, different from lying flat on your back? Of course, mother nature has given to all women who are about to give birth, more than one option. In fact, for labor and delivery it is necessary to try several positions.

Traditionally, the best known position for giving birth to your baby, is on your back, but this position is not necessarily the most convenient, at least not for you mom. Obviously, this back position is suitable for your doctor, because he/she has complete control and view of the birth.

Lying flat on your back can even be the least effective position because the uterus can put pressure to some blood vessels, compromising blood flow to your baby, and making contractions less effective.

The reality is that there are more appropriate birth positions, which are completely safe for you and your baby. Even, you can decide the more comfortable position to help you manage pain. Some childbirth positions that are much more appropriate, are the ones that use gravity in favor.

So, here I give you some birth positions for you to decide, but before you begin, I invite you to read about the stages of labor. Don’t hesitate to read also the early signs of labor.

What are the suitable childbirth positions during active labor?

Standing and walking: In many hospitals doctors ask moms to walk through the corridor before giving birth, and there is a very good reason, standing and walking is in favor of gravity, and helps the baby to go down the birth canal. If you feel severe contractions, stop walking for a moment, and stand against the wall or on your partner for support.

Rocking: While you are standing, swaying back and forth. It is very relaxing. Ask your partner to help you. Sometimes music can help you have a good rhythm. If you have in your house a rocking chair, use it.

Sitting: Combining walking and sitting. You can sit on the bed, on a chair, or even in the floor, why not? Try to sit leaning forward. Sitting also uses gravity to help your baby to go down the birth canal.

Squatting: Some hospitals provide a squatting bar that will help you while you push in a squatting position. You can sit on the bed next to the squatting bar, and during contractions you can use the bar for support. You can push until the contraction is over. In case of not having a squatting bar, you can use your partner for squatting support, or a sturdy chair.

More childbirth positions?

Childbirth PositionsHands and knees: You have to get on all fours on the bed. Many women experience relief on his back using this position, hands and knees. If you get tired, rest your forearms. You can use a stack of pillows and leaning forward to rest.

Birthing ball (pilates ball): These type of exercise balls can also be used for birthing. Use the ball to lean or sit, get help to avoid rolling off. Sitting on it, helps your pelvis to open. The ball also helps you to stay in squat position.

Lying on the side: Unlike lying flat on your back, lying on your side does not compress your principal veins, and does not put on risk the blood flow to your baby. This position is a good one for your partner, because he can give you a massage on your back. Your midwife can also rest while you are in this position. You can first use the left side, and if your baby is upset on that side, you can switch to the right side.

Lunging: You can lift one foot on a chair while standing. Lean forward when you feel a contraction. Do the same with the other foot up on the chair. This position will help your baby to rotate and descend.

After having tried some of these birth positions, you will be ready to give birth. If you have decided for a water childbirth, this is the time to use your birthing tub.

It is not recommended to have unassisted childbirth. Even though there are few risks, your baby’s life is more important. Have the assistance of a medical or professional birth attendant.