Welcome to our baby shower planner. You are about to learn how to organize and plan the perfect baby shower. I want to provide you with ideas so you can give friends, family and specially the mom to be, the most beautiful celebration.

What does baby shower really mean? There is no a single answer, but in simple words, mom will celebrate the ending of her pregnancy and the coming of her baby to the world.

In other words….

The baby showers are celebrations that bring great happiness to everyone involved. All guests contribute with a gift for the new baby. And best of all, mom will be so proud that everyone loves her and her baby.

A baby shower is a time to remember, that’s why this party must have certain ingredients such as: invitations, decorations, gifts, games, themes, favors and cakes to make the perfect shower. All these ingredients are part of a baby shower planner.

They are too many things to plan, but do not worry, here you will find everything you need.

So, let´s start with your Baby Shower Planning

”When to plan the Baby Shower” Timing to celebrate a baby shower is important. A general rule of thumb is to host the baby shower 6-8 weeks before the baby is due. Considering that parents will receive gifts in the shower, several weeks in advance will give them time to buy remaining items.

”A ladies-only Shower?” Traditionally a baby shower is only for ladies. But, why not invite the husband if he is also celebrating the arrival of his/her baby. Finally, mom and husband have to decide that. Understandable, men do not feel comfortable to be invited in traditional baby showers, but consider that they might enjoy the shower if it feels more like a party.

”The Guest List” An initial guest list in your baby shower planner will help you to have an idea of how many people will be invited. This is very important to plan the baby shower budget.

”The Budget” The budget for the baby shower is crucial in your planner because you have to determine the location, invitations, decoration, food, games and more. For a small group of guests, your home or someone else´s is a good option. Otherwise you may have to host the baby shower in a restaurant or a larger place. You do not have to run with all expenses, relatives or friends will be very happy to contribute money.

”Pick up a Theme” A baby shower can even be host without a theme. In fact a baby shower itself is a theme, however if you want to give a special and unique identity of this memorable celebration, choosing a theme will be something fun. There are many themes for your baby shower planner, some ideas are: a tea, spa, makeover, pink, balloon, garden, disney, birds, baby sprinkles and much more. Try to use the theme as much as possible in your decoration, gifts, prizes, napkins, even games.

“The Invitations” The invitations are very simple, but make sure to include the necessary information. They contain basically:

  • The baby´s name. Parents have a very important and pretty task on deciding the name for their baby. Finding the perfect, best and most appropriate name is all a research, but at the end, it´s a great satisfaction. If parents have not decided their baby´s name, help them and give them this resource List of Baby Names.
  • The date, time, your phone number and address where the party will be celebrated.
  • R.S.V.P is also important to reply the hosted whether the invitation is accepted or declined.
  • The location of the baby registry, so guests can know what gifts to bring.

Here you have some homemade baby shower invitations made by me and my husband “Baby Shower Invitations Templates”.

”Baby Shower Games” Something that you do not have to miss in you baby shower planner are the games. Creative baby shower games are the most memorable experiences, but do not forget the prizes.

”Choosing the Menu” There are plenty of Baby Shower Food Ideas that you can choose, either an appetizer or a full meal. If there are many gusts, 15 or more, a complete meal is a lot of work and I am sure you do not want to spend all the time serving meal. In these cases the appetizers are a good option, may be some sandwiches. Do not forget the cake, take a look to this site, I love the Baby Shower Cake Designs.

”Decorations and supplies” Decorations and supplies increase the excitement in your baby shower planner. If you do not have enough money, they can also be home made. Homemade baby shower decorations give a special touch to a baby shower as there is creativity that the mom-to-be will appreciate. You may find useful this site to give you ideas on how to make homemade decorations. Baby Shower Crafts.

”Party Favors” Baby Shower gifts are a very nice touch to end your successful shower. Your guests will be delighted with a gift to remember this memorable celebration. Homemade baby shower gifts are good options for short baby shower budgets. Some homemade baby shower gifts include:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box
  • Baby Sock Roses
  • Baby Shower Basket
  • Baby Frames
  • Cookies or Brownies
  • Baby Bootie Cups
  • Candy Pacifier Necklace

“Baby Shower Photos” Last but not least for your baby shower planner, do not forget the camera to take a lot of photos. These photos will give the mom-to-be the most beautiful baby shower gift to remember the coming of her / his baby.

Finally, planning a baby shower shouldn’t be something difficult, it takes time but there are many people who are willing to help, especially in decoration, gifts and games. It is true that there are many things to plan and you may forget something in the last minute, but do you know what? Checklists are there to make your life easy and remember every last detail. So use my Checklist every time you plan a Baby Shower.

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