Feel free to use these baby shower invitation templates for your party. All invitations are FREE for using in your baby celebration. Mom will be delighted with our unique printable invitations.

Before sending the invitations, remember to have you guest list about 6-8 weeks before the baby shower. Invite all friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the little one. You may want to ask the mom-to-be to give a look to the list to make sure no one is forgotten.

These cheap baby shower invitations are perfect if you don’t have much time or budget, and it’s very easy to fill in the information. The template will guide you in the creation of the card for this special event.

Our baby shower invitations are designed to assist you in the creation of a special home made invitation card. The templates include all respective content that is required for the baby shower such as:

The new little one´s name
The mother-to-be’s name
The name of host
Date, Time and Location
Your phone number (e-mail is optional) for RSVP
You can attach a map to easily get to the baby shower location

If you want to add a special touch of creativity, visit our homemade baby shower invitations.

We remind you to use a heavy paper or white card stock for a perfect invitation.