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Author: Rosaura Hinojosa

Preschool Handwriting Practice: Alphabet Letters

Welcome to our preschool handwriting practice. Children are the most valuable resource we have, therefore give children the right tools to conquer the world. The language is considered to be the foundation for an effective communication, and the alphabet is one of the key elements for learning the language at an early age. In fact, language in children begins even in the womb, how is that possible? Babies learn to hear sounds, so why not to sing to your baby the alphabet? Babies after birth are very susceptible to the sounds, and the alphabet can be taught by singing....

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Free Preschool Worksheets For Learning Colors

Welcome to our collection free preschool worksheets for learning colors. Children learn through their imagination and perseverance, and they learn very fast because they have fun. Children at an early age start to identify objects according to their predominant color, but it takes them a while to memorize them. Colors can easily be confused because of the different nuances, for example: sometimes children say that an apple is red, and later they may get confused saying that it is orange. The cognitive ability of each child is different. Some children learn to distinguish colors at 2 years, and some...

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Worksheets for Preschool

Learning Shapes Welcome to our worksheets for preschool. Teaching shapes to preschoolers is a basic knowledge that kids have to learn even before numbers and letters. Why? Shapes are ways to observe the world and to identify and organize visual information. The power of shapes in children is incredible. Imagine giving children some round pancakes. They probably will not be very attractive for children, and perhaps they will not eat them. But what about if you combine different shapes of pancakes, even includes animal’s shapes. I am sure kids will see the difference and the pancakes will be much...

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Preschool Printable Worksheets For Numbers

Welcome to our preschool printable worksheets. Educational printables are essential for children to learn in a way that they get the most of their talent. Use our free preschool printables at school or at home, or with other group of moms. Children have to practice at home too. We have several worksheets for learning numbers in different ways, for example: tracing worksheets, number maze and much more. All printables are for preschoolers but they are also perfect for kindergarten. Practicing kid´s skills are very important at this age. The earlier they learn, the better they will be prepared for...

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Preschool Diplomas

Preschool diplomas are a cute way to mark your child’s completion of preschool. Preschool and Kindergarten are one of the most important stages in the early education of children, but perhaps a child does not detect when goes from one grade to another. And it doesn’t matter they don’t distinguish the difference, what is important for children is to be congratulated all the time, and that’s where a certificate will make your child feel proud. I am sure that you, like me, feel happy when your kids start going to school. And you may feel even happier if your...

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Free Preschool Printables

Welcome to our library of FREE preschool printables. Are you ready to download all our educational material for your child? Preschool education is very important for children between 3 and 6 years old, because they experience an extraordinary development of their skills and motivation to think about what they do. The preschool is also considered essential for helping children to socialize with others. Children open their borders when socializing with people other than their family. So teachers and parents, Print our free worksheets for preschool and start giving children the privilege of learning. Use our preschool printables for any purpose you want in the education of children. All of our printables can also be used by teachers in their classes. They are also excellent for toddler learning. Make your life easier and just pick any template and print it. We recommend to make several copies so you can have plenty of them for your children, or to give them for free to your friends who have children too. Here you have preschool printables, all FREE for your personal use. Scroll down the page and find the printables you’re looking for: Enjoy Our Free Preschool Printables Free Preschool Diplomas Numbers Preschool Worksheet Printable Alphabet Worksheets Free Animal Coloring Pages Shapes Preschool Worksheet Colors Preschool Worksheet Preschool Handwriting Alphabet...

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Preschool Craft Projects

Welcome to our preschool craft projects. Knowledge is the mother of all strengths in a person, and if it starts in an early age, that will be a rocket to success in life. I’m sure that you, like me, want to give your children an environment full of educational input, right. Knowledge is vital for early stimulation of children, especially the knowledge acquired by visual and auditory stimulation, and manual activities. That’s why the first years of your child’s life are critical to develop skills that will help in his/her future. According to Piaget´s theory (famous for his studies...

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Positive Parenting Tips

Parenting is not an easy task and raising children means parents need to make a lot of decisions in how to interact with kids. Keeping a good attitude and being patient with your growing children is a must. With this in mind, I wrote this article to share some positive parenting tips. Let´s go back a little bit in time, and remember the day when you knew you were going to be a mother or father. What a lovely surprise don´t you? Then, you started feeling all those pregnancy symptoms, and lived nine months of anxiety and hope to...

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Masquerade Masks For Kids

Hello, welcome to our masquerade masks for kids page. Here we will provide you with easy kids crafts that you can use to make a nice mask for your children. My dear parents, as you know children love to have an original costume for a party or simply to play at home. I propose to give your kids happiness and take our mask templates and make with your kids a fun Backyardigna mask. Children love to dress up of any character, and not only they have fun playing and making up stories, but also they develop their personality. When...

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Easy Kids Crafts

Backyardigans – Tyrone Mask Welcome to our easy kids crafts site. Here we will provide you with free printable masks that you can use as templates to make a nice craft with your children. Spend some quality time with your children is very important for their development, and crafts are essential to accomplish this task. Making homemade masks with your children is a craft that, apart from promoting the union and family fun, you can you use them to disguise your children of one of their favorite characters, the Backyardigans. What about the famous Tyrone, he is a quite...

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