Announcing pregnancy is a very exciting event because it is amazing to see the reaction of people when you say “I’m pregnant”. You can even get a smile from the most serious person.

I hope that the fact of being pregnant is a moment of happiness for you, and not of sadness. It is true that there are many women who have unwanted pregnancies, and instead of announcing to the whole world the existence of her wonderful baby, they want to hide it, is a pity.

If you are one of the lucky women like me, and you are very happy and exited about your pregnancy, then I hope you like these simple tips for announcing pregnancy.

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When can I announce my pregnancy?

Definitely my best recommendation for announcing your pregnancy is after you have confirmed that you are pregnant. Personally I think that confirmation is given by your doctor, possibly with a blood test or ultrasound test. What about a home pregnancy test? It is 99% accurate, but I’m sure that you, like me, want to re-confirm your pregnancy with a specialist, and of course that the specialist tells you that there are no risks or problems with your baby.

Announcing pregnancy right after confirmation is important because:

  • You can get early support from your family.
  • You can get physical help if you feel tired.
  • You can get advice from specialists to take care of your health and your baby.
  • You will have the opportunity to share the good news with a lot of excitement.
  • If an abortion occurs, you can count with the support of most people who were aware of your pregnancy.

How to announce my pregnancy?

Announcing PregnancyFirst of all, you must decide to who announce your pregnancy. However, considering such wonderful event, you must inform your husband, your family (mother, father, brothers, sisters), and your most trusted friends, even the ones that are in your work.

I was lucky because after I missed my period, my husband and I went to the drugstore to buy a home pregnancy test, and oh surprise, it was positive . We both felt very happy, but we wanted a second confirmation, something more scientific. So, we made an appointment with the specialist in order to perform a urine test and later on an ultrasound.

After performing those tests and completely sure about my pregnancy, it was the moment for announcing pregnancy, so I phoned my whole family. My sisters and brothers were very happy, and since then, they supported me in every aspect of my pregnancy. I have 5 very trusted friends, so I phoned them, I gave them the news, and one of them immediately offered to be the godmother. My boss and friends in my work were informed until I had 3 months of pregnancy. Announce my pregnancy at work was not something that I felt in confidence.

Indeed, I did it very simple to announce my pregnancy, the typical telephone calls. However, my family prepared for me a big party to celebrate. This celebration filled me with more happiness and enthusiasm about my pregnancy.

Announcing Your Pregnancy WIth A Gift

There are other very nice ways for announcing pregnancy that I have heard from some friends, and I want to share with you:

  • If your husband was not with you performing the home pregnancy test, leave the test somewhere where you know he’s going to see it, or prepare a gift with the pregnancy test inside, and give it to him at dinner or bedtime. I’m sure his reaction will be very exciting.
  • You can also buy a card that says “Happy Father’s Day”. Wait for his reaction, and do not laugh until he jumps of happiness.
  • You can buy a card for your parents that may say “For my Grandparents.” I’m sure they’ll be very happy.
  • You can organize a celebration party, and decorate the house with baby items. Everybody immediately upon entering your home, will imagine what is all about.
  • If you work, and you are afraid to announce your pregnancy due to any kind of discrimination, I recommend you to read the pregnancy policy of the company, and follow the rules described there. If your doctor has diagnosed a high risk pregnancy, or has recommended avoiding physical activities, if necessary, inform your boss in a written report. This way you can enforce your rights.

Final thoughts for announcing pregnancy:

Congratulations. You must be prepared to be a mom. Keep these tips for the future, you will need them:

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I do not recommend announcing your pregnancy with false assumptions, or if you are not completely convinced that you are pregnant. Absolutely a delay in your period is not considered a confirmation that you are pregnant. Remember that confirmation of your pregnancy may also be accompanied by early pregnancy symptoms.

So, before announcing your pregnancy, wait until it is confirmed by your doctor, and more important, that your baby is in good health. Announce a false pregnancy without confirmation, brings a false hope and disappointment.

If for any reason you have a high risk pregnancy, or your doctor has detected a problem with your baby, inform to the closest people, usually your immediate family. Your husband and your family will be with you all the time to support and to take care closely your pregnancy.

Now, if you want to give your little one a grand debut and you are looking to have a themed celebration, here you have a little help to commemorate your family and friends with these photo baby birth announcements.

I believe there are lots of other great ideas or nice stories for Announcing Pregnancy. But these are the ones I can vouch for.