Being 7 & 8 weeks pregnant for me was a big challenge.

This is when I was experiencing all of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. You just have to adapt and learn to live with them. It helps to remember at the end of the road you’ll have YOUR BABY.

During these weeks of pregnancy there were several questions on my mind. What my baby is going to look like? Will he look like dad? Is it a boy or girl?

Remember mom, relaxation is the mother of all good health. Keep it that simple.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: During these weeks you may start feeling some heartburn and indigestion.

Depending on your body, you may start noticing your clothes getting a bit tight. On the bright side, in a couple more weeks you’ll have a great excuse for clothes shopping.

Maybe you’ve already made your first appointment with the doctor. I recommend you prepare a list of questions. Usually we forget everything when we are in front the doctor and later remember the questions we should have asked. Don’t forget the ultrasound so you can see and hear your baby.

Prenatal visits will decrease pregnancy complications and miscarriages, so be sure to visit your doctor regularly.

Baby: The fingers are already formed and the sex glands begin to form during these weeks. The muscles and nerves start to develop, too. The babies’ faces look clearer, with two small bumps that are his eyes, a small opening in the nose and mouth.

At the end of the second month the embryonic period ends. Your baby is now scientifically called a fetus.

At 8 weeks pregnant, the baby’s size is about 8-11 mm.

Dad: You should already have a smile from ear to ear and be very happy about your parenting, congratulations. Now you must be very patient with your partner since the first trimester pregnancy is difficult.