After I hit 6 weeks pregnant I felt more pregnant each day, even with some unpleasant symptoms, but I was very happy expecting my baby and knowing that soon I was going to start feeling the first movements.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Are you feeling worst with pregnancy symptoms? You may be very irritable these days for the symptoms of pregnancy. Guilty? It’s the hormonal revolution you are living.

This week morning sickness is perhaps the most obvious and you may be feeling some nausea. Take your mind off it and think about other things like: formally announce your pregnancy to your family, start looking for a hospital of your choice. Who will be your doctor? What are you going to ask the doctor at your first prenatal appointment? Start planning your pregnancy.

Baby: This week is when your baby begins to develop eyes, ears, mouth, arms and legs. It seems that he or she is already taking shape, right? Your baby’s crown to rump length is 4-6 mm, the diameter of a medium pea. Your future baby is still very young in this first trimester pregnancy. Sure you’ll see more changes during the following pregnancy weeks.

Dad: How have you been? Do not forget to cuddle your partner. She is going through very difficult times and she needs that you give her much love and understanding. These weeks of pregnancy are the worst because of the pregnancy symptoms.