Congratulations, one step more and you are already in the 5 weeks pregnant. Isn’t that wonderful?

You must think that your little baby is already beginning its formation inside your belly. For that reason the care of your pregnancy in this first trimester is of vital importance.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: You probably already feel you are completely pregnant. Your pregnancy test was positive, right?

Perhaps this week you will have the typical morning sickness, or maybe you are not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy at all, not even at the end of this month. Do not worry, there are many lucky women like me, who did not feel the uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms.

So you are pregnant, enjoy this first trimester pregnancy with the illusion that your baby is in your womb.

Baby: Your baby’s heart will begin to beat this week. Isn’t this amazing? It starts the formation of the neural tube and development of the nervous system. It begins to form the spine. Primarily start appearing muscles, reproductive organs, intestines, liver and pancreas.