The big day is in front of you, 40 weeks pregnant is the official due week. It’s finally the end of the road.

You may wake up every morning wondering whether today is the big day, right?

This wonderful journey has come to an end; your baby is almost in your hands, isn’t that amazing? I know it’s hard to wait. Don’t be surprised if you do not give birth this week, some women give birth even at 41 or 42 weeks pregnant. Of course in this case you need to have more pre-natal checkups and be under the supervision of your doctor.

At 40 weeks pregnant, your doctor may ask to undergo a prenatal checkup to review your labor progress, and even he / she may suggest inducing labor. This is normal at 40 or 41 weeks of pregnancy. Inducing labor is a choice of your doctor, he / she has to make that decision for the health of your baby.

This time is probably your last chance to review your baby checklist, so give yourself a few minutes to check it again.

Do not forget also to have your infant car seat in the car for taking your baby home from the hospital.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: If you don’t know yet what to expect for labor and delivery, learn step by step the stages of labor.

At this point you may have a very close relationship with the toilet. That’s because your baby has engaged in your pelvis and the extra pressure in your bladder is impossible to ignore. Hydration is crucial at 40 weeks pregnant.

Some women have diarrhea a couple of days before delivery, your body may be cleansing your bowels.

If you notice a gush of fluid (water breaks) at 40 weeks pregnant, that certainly means that you baby is knocking the door. Keep in mind that some women do not have contractions until after their water breaks. So pay attention to that sign of labor to be prepared to go to the hospital.

At pregnancy week 40, Braxton Hicks Contractions are happening continuously but as long as they are not too fierce, you should not worry. Sometimes changing of position usually helps them to ease.

If you do not have signs of labor at all, and you do not deliver at week 40, your doctor may decide to wait till week 41 or even 42, but with strict monitoring of your baby. She/he may perform a non-stress test like fetal heart rate and movement to be sure that your baby is receiving adequate oxygen and that the nervous system is responding. Otherwise he/she may decide to induce labor. There are medications for inducing labor at the hospital, but before that many women try some easy natural ways to induce labor.

Keep in mind that your doctor has the last word for the health of your baby and if you have not initiated your labor and delivery, a C-section is also an option.

Baby: At 40 weeks pregnant your baby’s nails are long now. You will be impressed by your baby’s nails when he/she arrives.

Your baby’s reflexes are coordinated perfectly, which means that your baby can open and close his / her eyes, grasp firmly and move his / her head from side to side.

The length of your baby is around 20 inches and its weight is about 7.6 pounds.

Dad: Good luck with your baby! A lot of new experiences are coming!