Do you feel that you are already pregnant?

The first 3 weeks of pregnancy can be very exciting for you mom. It is likely that a long time ago, you have thought about this moment.

It is time to start planning your pregnancy.

Congratulations, you’re starting out on the right foot.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Your period is over and you’re probably wondering about how you got pregnant?

During third week of your menstrual cycle, ovulation has occurred, and one of your eggs was fertilized. Your baby has been conceived. The placenta has begun to form.

Now is the time to start watching your diet and stop your bad habits. If you smoke or drink alcohol, leave them immediately.

You must be anxious to go to the next step, right?

Baby: The fertilization cycle has occurred and the hormones have released another egg which has been set in the lining of the uterus. Its diameter is about one millimeter.

The principles of blood vessels have started. A new life is about to bloom.