You are now 27 weeks pregnant, isn’t that amazing? You are getting nearly at the third trimester.

It’s time to decide on the type of birth you want, at the hospital, at home, or water birth. You need to do research and consult with your doctor. It is time to be prepared.

How about a baby shower or a last trip before having your baby? Get some fun stuff in this stage.

You may want to eat more, but remember keep a healthy diet.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: It’s likely that you feel your uterus tighten and then relaxed. Do not worry, this is normal, you are experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions. They are usually not painful and it feels like menstrual cramps. Nevertheless at 26 or 27 weeks pregnant you should pay close attention to your body because you can also experience symptoms of preterm labor. Watch up your body for any unusual symptoms that you consider abnormal and see your doctor immediately.

You may also experience some pain in the pelvis, especially when walking, climbing stairs, or even when you move in bed. This is because your baby is growing and is putting pressure on your sciatic nerve causing pain. It is now time to find positions for sleep. A pillow between your legs can help.

You have to keep eating well and make sure you’re getting enough nutritious food, because you need extra calories now. Make them count! Make healthy food choices.

Baby: At 26 week pregnant your baby listens to you and everything around him. He/she may recognize your voice. You may feel your baby jump at a sudden noise.

His/Her eyes have started to open and may detect light and dark.

During these stages of pregnancy development your baby is going through a fast and furious phase of brain development. There’s a lot going on in that little head!

The length of your baby is around 25 cm and its weight is about 1000-1100 grams.

Dad: You should also be thinking of all the preparations for the birth of your baby. You must help your wife to decide about the kind of birth. It is a very important decision that has to be taken together.

And continue pampering your partner. She needs a lot more love these weeks.

My own experience at 27 weeks pregnant:

At this stage of my pregnancy, I was always tired and I didn’t get much sleep because my baby was moving at night a lot and in the mornings. Being tired was normal at that week, but my doctor recommended that I take naps on the afternoons.

All my sisters were anxious to organize a baby shower, in fact I had 3 baby showers and I got lots of gifts for my baby which were very useful during the first six months of life.