At 22 & 23 weeks pregnant, you are near to crossing into the last trimester of pregnancy, CONGRATULATIONS.

Each passing week means it’s almost time to see your baby. It is quite possible that you feel loved by many people, and that’s fabulous.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Dear, if you see your belly growing, it is a good sign; it means that your baby is also growing.

You are still gaining weight and it is possible that your back and shoulders are suffering. It is time to seek help from your partner in order to give you a massage to relieve some pain.

On the other hand you might be feeling Braxton Hicks Contractions, commonly known as false labor contractions. Nothing to worry about, but your doctor must be aware of these contractions, do not forget to comment on it in your next appointment.

Even as your baby is growing, he or she still has some room to move and you should feel those kicks, jabs, and flips.

Another aspect that you may be experiencing at 22 weeks pregnant is the increase in libido (sexual desire) because of increased blood flow. So having sex during pregnancy at the end of the second trimester can be an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your pregnancy trimesters, learn to deal with all those changes. At the end of this journey, your baby will be your reward.

Baby: How wonderful life is at 23 weeks pregnant, your baby already has developed eyebrows and eyelids. The nerves of the sense of touch are also developed and your baby starts touching and feeling everything around him/her.

Your baby’s brain continues growing and maximizes all his/her senses.

The length of your baby at 23 weeks pregnant is already 21 cm, and its weight is about 500-600 grams.

Dad: Dear Dad, these weeks are very important because your partner is feeling significant physical changes. Offer massages and stay supportive.

My own experience at 22 weeks pregnant:

It’s funny the love you feel when you are pregnant. I was still working at 22 weeks pregnant, and everyone in the office made me feel pretty special. They used to ask me on a daily basis how I felt.

My husband prepared fruit salads and vegetables for me daily. My husband was determined to look after my health and nutrition. I was grateful to have so much support.