At 20 & 21 weeks pregnant, you are already halfway through your pregnancy. You are probably more emotionally stable as the level of your hormones have stabilized.

The difficulties of the first symptoms of pregnancy have passed. From now on you will be experiencing different symptoms, which I think, are more special because you will be feeling your baby inside your belly.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: You must continue to watch your diet from now on because you will be seeing significant weight gain. However, as long as you have a healthy diet, you should not worry about those extra pounds. At 21 weeks pregnant you have probably gained between ten and fifteen pounds.

Considering that your body is expanding, you may start to see some stretch marks. Try some cocoa butter that can help ease the dryness and itching associated with stretched skin.

Your ankles and feet may be swelling or be swollen by the end of the day. Drinking a lot of water will help with that. Get some rest for about 30 minutes with your feet up in the evening. This will also help to alleviate the swelling.

Baby: Your baby continues moving in your belly, and you should be able to feel moving your baby. At 21 weeks pregnant, your baby has a sleep schedule, so when you do not feel your baby moving, it is possible that he’s sleeping.

The amniotic fluid is now your baby’s diet. Anything you eat will be part of your baby’s diet.

Your baby’s brain already has 30000 billion neurons and he is developing its sense of taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch, so believe it or not, watch your diet, maybe your baby will remember the taste of those nachos that you like a lot.

Your baby has a fine hair that covers his body, and hair on his scalp is beginning to grow.

The length of your baby at 21 weeks pregnant is around 19 cm, and its weight is about 350-400 grams.

Dad: Remember my dear dad, every week you should try to find new ways to make your partner feel as relaxed as possible. Surely she would like to hear your lovely words and compliments. Break the routine, and invite her to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Dad, your baby has to have a name, so get together with your partner and start a research.

My own experience at 21 weeks pregnant:

These weeks were very special to me, because at some point, I felt the need to think about was going on with my life, my past, my present and my future with my baby.

I felt a great anxiety and responsibility to do whatever was possible so my baby was in good health inside my belly. I knew that I was expecting many changes in my life from now on, of course wonderful changes.

I had the need to talk about these feelings with my husband, so he could understand what was happening in my mind. It really helped me to talk to him.