I hope you have more energy at 16 and 17 weeks pregnant in order to start planning the arrival of your baby.

You may feel some movements of your baby from week 16 or 17 of pregnancy. Do not get disappointed if you do not feel these movements, some moms do not feel them until week 20 or more.

It is also time to start looking for more comfortable clothing because from these weeks your belly will grow very fast. I really enjoyed shopping during my pregnancy. My husband was adorable during that time because he used to accompany me to buy all my clothes and clothes for my baby.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: You will start to gain weight very quickly now. Watch your diet; you have to make sure you have a healthy diet, your baby deserves it. Remember, every woman is different and gains (and loses) at her own pace.

Your uterus is expanding, so you may feel some pain in the back or abdomen.

Try increasing the amount of liquid you drink to keep everything moving in your body, this will prevent constipation and dryness of your skin.

Your breasts will continue to grow, but do not worry, after giving birth and weaning (if you choose to breastfeed) your breasts should return to about their pre-pregnancy size.

Remember, these pregnancy trimesters are so wonderful. Continue enjoying your life at 17 weeks pregnant.

Baby: Your baby’s nails are growing on their tiny hands and feet.

Your baby is now growing faster; their legs are longer than their arms.

The movements of the limbs are increasingly coordinated.

The bones that are now in place in their ears means they can probably hear your voice as you talk.

His heart is now regulated by his brain.

The length of your baby at 17 weeks pregnant is around 13.5 cm, and its weight is about 150-200 grams.

Dad: You can help your partner and start looking for some classes to learn how to handle this new journey with enthusiasm, and to support your partner with all the changes she is experiencing.