At 14 and 15 weeks pregnant you may be anxious to know more about what to expect with your baby, right? You are almost ready to feel the first kicks of your baby.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Changes in your body continue without stopping. Your breasts are growing because they are preparing for breastfeeding.

The pigmentation of your skin starts to change. Maybe you will notice that some moles on your skin may be darker. You will also notice your nipples begin to darken.

Baby: Your baby starts to develop a sense of touch. The sense of taste is also starting to develop.

Your baby should be moving a lot, even though you may not feel it yet.

It is possible that your baby’s sex organs may be visible with the ultrasound. If you are lucky, you can discover the sex of your baby at this point.

The length of your baby at 15 weeks pregnant is already 10-11 cm, and its weight is about 100 grams.

Dad: My dear dad, you can relax a little during these weeks. Your wife is taking a breath and your baby is developing satisfactorily.

My own experience at 14 weeks pregnant:

My husband was desperate to know when our baby was going to start kicking, but that didn’t happen at 15 weeks pregnant. We had to wait a little bit more to feel his movements.

In spite of my body changing very slow, I felt more pregnant these weeks. My skin was having some changes in pigmentation, especially on my belly.

I was also anxious to know my baby’s gender. My mother’s instinct told me I was going to have a boy. My husband said we were going to have a girl, and my sixth sense won because my baby was a wonderful boy.