At 13 weeks pregnant you’ve made it past the first trimester. Welcome to the second. I hope you are excited for new experiences in this second trimester pregnancy.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Now, you will start noticing that your old clothes no longer fit you. Your abdomen should start to grow rapidly at this point. Don’t worry about gaining a few pounds, but remember to watch your diet!

Your doctor will probably recommend drinking lots of fluids, unfortunately these liquids and your growing uterus will compress your bladder, and consequently you will have the need to urinate more often.

I hope your discomforts of early pregnancy are gone. Many women see those symptoms, like morning sickness, disappear in the second trimester.

If some few weeks ago you did not feel pregnant, now I’m sure you will feel completely pregnant.

Baby: Your baby is already a human being with all its body parts. Its eyes are aligned; its ears have reached their final position. The intestines begin to take their place in the stomach.

Their head will grow slower than before and other body parts will grow rapidly. All body parts are placing in their final position.

The length of your baby at 13 weeks pregnant is 7-9 cm, and its weight is about 35 grams.

Dad: Hello my Dad, it is getting real, right? Keep supporting your partner!

My own experience at 13 weeks pregnant:

In some way, the beginning of this quarter was for me a little uncertain, but at the same time, I was happy to live the changes in my body. I was very excited to continue seeing my baby’s development.

This week my weight was pretty much the same as before, I had gained almost nothing.