At 11 and 12 weeks pregnant you are almost done with your first trimester pregnancy. You will start to see more changes in the following weeks, and many exciting changes in your baby’s development.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: It’s a girl or boy? Finally, you are in the last 2 weeks of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Now your belly starts to really shown. It’s time to go shopping because you should not wear tight clothing. Give free rein to the growing belly and let it noticed.

You may already have gained some extra pounds; it does not matter, as long as you are following a healthy diet. However, if you’re gaining a lot of weight rapidly consult your doctor.

With regards to your nausea and fatigue, they may begin to disappear now. However, each mom is different and some may still have those discomforts even during the second trimester. Don’t be afraid if you have those discomforts, asks your doctor for tips to make yourself more comfortable.

Baby: Hello baby, your bones start to appear and you can move now but your mom may not feel any movement. The sex organs start to differentiate, even though they can not be detected by the ultrasound yet.

The length of your baby is already 5-6 cm and its weight is about 14 grams.

Now the placenta will take over production of hormones.

It’s time to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Do not forget this lovely sound in your prenatal visit.

Dad: Hey Dad, it’s time to start watching your partner fully pregnant with the visual signs of pregnancy. If your partner still feels discomforts at 12 weeks pregnant, try to pamper her and give her a massage at nights to make her feel good.

My own experience at 12 weeks pregnant

My pregnancy was progressing, and I was more anxious to feel any movement of my baby. After seeing my baby on the ultrasound, I sensed he was going to be a boy. My husband wanted a girl, but more important was to know that my baby was well in health, and growing satisfactorily.