At 9 and 10 weeks pregnant, physical changes are more evident for most women.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: Many moms feel an increase in their belly, even though it’s not too noticeable to the outside world. This is a good time to start shopping for some maternity clothes to accommodate your growing belly in the upcoming weeks.

Maybe you still have some nausea and fatigue at this point. Do not worry, these symptoms will decrease at the end of the first trimester pregnancy, and almost disappear in the second trimester.

Baby: The liver has developed considerably, and the kidneys are complete. Your baby’s face looks more developed; the eyes are no longer far apart, they are almost in their normal position. The lips are drawn. His limbs are getting larger, especially his arms. The baby’s length is about 27-35 mm and it weighs around 4 grams.

My own experience at 9 weeks pregnant:

I did not have any significant change in my body until the 14th week of my pregnancy. My family was surprised that I did not even experience a minimal change in my stomach until then. That was my case, and there may be women who also do not see significant changes like me.