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Free Baby Shower Invitations

Welcome to our Baby Shower Disney Printables. All invitations are FREE for using in your baby celebration.

A Disney baby shower is an excellent theme, so here you will find original free invitations. The invitations can be used for baby boy, baby girl or twins.

We provide you a sample wording for your baby shower invitations, or blank invitations to write your own baby shower message.

We remind you to use a heavy paper or white card stock for a perfect invitation.

  • The worded option contain all necessary information, you only have to do is fill in the baby shower details.

    Instruction to print the worded baby shower invitation template:

    Right-click on the image you want and select the "save picture as..." line. Then, you will be asked which directory to save it to. Just save it onto your desktop or in any folder you want. Then on your desktop, double click on the image icon. When the image opens up, set your printer to the desired paper size and print the image (preferably in color).

    You can also print it directly from your web browser selecting “File” and “Print”. I suggest to try first in a bond paper and black and white color in order to make sure you have the correct size of your disney invitation.

  • The blank invitation you have to put in all text. You are free to write down everything you want.

    Instruction to print the blank baby shower invitation template:

    If you have Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, after you "save picture as..." explained above, open a blank document in Microsoft and go to the tab INSERT and then select PICTURE and then select FROM FILE. From there you just choose the directory from your computer where you saved the picture and click INSERT. From Microsoft you can add any text you want. You can also use this option for worded baby shower invitation templates.

    Remember to include all necessary information in your baby shower Disney printables, such as:

    The new little one´s name
    The mother-to-be's name
    The name of host
    Date, Time and Location
    Your phone number (e-mail is optional) for RSVP
    You can attach a map in order to get to the location easily
    You can also write a sentence to encourage the guests to bring their childhood disney.

Here we give you several designs ready to print completely free

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If you want to help us make this free resource even better by sharing with us other baby shower invitation ideas, commenting on the free baby shower printables, and sharing this site with your friends give us your suggestions.

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ENJOY our free Baby Shower Disney Invitations!

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Have Great Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations?

Do you have a great idea for a baby shower invitation? Share it with us, we are pleased to share it with other moms-to-be.

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