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Pregnant Moms, Listen up!

Pregnant Moms, Welcome to my Site

I`m Rosy, and I am not a doctor; I am just only a mom that felt the same things when I got pregnant. I had also the need for huge information to be well prepared with all that new stuff. I visited a least a couple of gynecologists to take care of my health, professionally.I did a lot of research on the internet as well, and fortunately I got advice and recommendations from other pregnant moms. 

All this, helped me to get the proper guidance and answers to all my questions.

Pregnant Moms Asking for Advice

  • Are you feeling pregnancy first signs?
  • Have you done your first pregnancy test?

If not, try it and surely the uncertainty will be surrounding your mind, and during those 5 minutes of waiting the test result, you will be wondering the same question, (yes or not?)....More

From now on, no matter the social, economic or professional level you have. Neither your family situation, nor employment.

The truth is that you may be wondering what to do, and what not to do? You may be feeling disoriented and lost, with the need of a huge demand of information

You may be feeling that your perspective of life and stability has changed? This doesn’t mean that your daily life has moved to the background, otherwise, you are now having more things to think about and worry about.

You've probably heard sensitive stories of mothers with pregnancy risk and who have not finished with a happy ending. With that in mind, nothing seems to be safe for you, the water you drink or the air you breathe or the food you eat.

It is likely that now you are starting getting a lot of consulting and information, and therefore leading even to more questions.

From now on, you will be guided step by step to the different stages of your pregnancy until birth. You need to make sure, with no doubts that your baby is in good health inside your belly.

I am sure you have asked the following questions:

  • How do I know if my baby is in good health?
  • What will be the first changes in my body?
  • What activities can, and cannot do?
  • What will be the changes with my partner?
  • When my baby will be born?....More

And there will be more...

It is very important to know what changes in your body are causes for attention to immediately consult your gynecologist.

You will have enormous physical and psychological changes. In the first quarter pregnant moms will start with fatigue, sleepiness and nausea. During the second quarter you may be feeling a little bit more active and positive. In the third quarter you will be anxious over the imminent birth....More

I don’t want you get anxiety of the unknown. Remember you are pregnant, things have changed, you must calm down and explore all the information and recommendations that you will find in this site. I'm sure it will be extremely useful, and you will get the best pregnancy of your life.

If possible, carry this learning with your partner, so that both know the different stages of your pregnancy....More

It is very important that you feel supported by people who love you. The future father must be prepared to help during labor and delivery, accompanying you all the time.

Pregnant Moms, I also want to guide you in those early days after birth. How will you be feeding and bathing your baby? What are the different types of birth control that you have after pregnancy? ....More

I am sure that this site will provide you the necessary information to be prepared and well documented of the unknown.

Remember, everything you will find on this site is only half of your preparation; the other half should be thoroughly discussed with your gynecologist. This is the first starting point to help you in having reliable information for your pregnancy.

On the other hand, If pregnancy is one of your greatest desires, here you will also find tips to get pregnant.

The learning never ends for Pregnant Moms

My little baby, just after birth,, " Hector David"

Newborn in the Hospital

I am so happy to be a part of SBI because I raise my kid at the same time I am working and gaining money in a successful business.

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